Loading An Old Save

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Loading An Old Save
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9z9kzOwVzs
Date Released August 14, 2017
Length 3:23
Game N/A

Loading An Old Save is a sketch about the act of coming back to an old video game save file after not playing for a long time.

Description: "Hope you remember all those character backstories and complicated controls, cause you left off right in the middle of a mission!"


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Justice Hawk
Kyle Sullivan Operative, Guards


The video begins with Jefferey pulling a disk out of a shelf and putting it inside a PS4. Right after that, he sits in a big chair as he loads a 6 month old save file in his video game.

Jefferey's character appears near a house filled with guards, during the night. The character's partner (played by Kyle) tells the protagonist that the target is inside the building. Not even two seconds pass and Jefferey comes out of his crouching position, getting ready to shoot at the guards. Right after he does that, however, he realizes that he doesn't remember how to play the game.

The Operative pulls him back into cover, asking for what was he doing. Jefferey responds by saying that he was going to shoot at the "bad guys", much to the Operative's outrage, who explains that it is a stealth mission. Neely then decides to take the moment to start asking questions about the game and the plot, eventually making the Operative call the Commander (played by Ian) and tell him that "Hawk" (the protagonist's name) is having a mental breakdown.

The Commander responds by saying that Justice Hawk is the best soldier they ever had, while the actual Hawk is sorting through the inventory and learning the controls. After the Commander turns off the call and Jefferey finishes with his inventory sorting, the latter accidentally shoots at the air. Both guards immediately get alarmed by this, but after five seconds of nothing happening, they go back to their usual behaviors.

The Operative decides to forfeit the mission, though Jefferey protests by saying that he only needs a refresher course. After some discussion regarding the mission's objective, the Operative asks if Hawk still remembers his name. Neely only asks for help.

The two then start to read the mission reports and train stealth tactics, like disguises, takedowns, and silent movement. When Jefferey finally finishes his refresher course, the Operative queries on how he is feeling. Neely, confident, responds by saying, "I feel like Justice Hawk." Both partners clasp their hands, as Jefferey goes out of cover and starts to shoot all the guards. The Operative looks annoyed, commenting that it is indeed him, and the video ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The guards' behaviors are parodies of stealth game enemies, who after searching for the player and failing, behave like nothing has happened.