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DM Crew[edit]

The DM Crew are the main people behind Door Monster. While some of them haven't appeared in many sketches, all were important to the channel in one way or another.

Photo kyle.png

Kyle Sullivan

Ian Conn

Jon Currie
Photo reid.png

Reid Sullivan

Ricky Linn
Photo jp.png

JP De Ovando
Photo jefferey.png

Jefferey Neely
Photo ethan.png

Ethan Gelinas
Photo rachel.png

Rachel Butcher
Photo joey.png

Joey Basham
Photo allison.png

Allison Devery

DM Guests[edit]

Main article: DM Guests

Guests are any actors that have been featured in a sketch but aren't listed as a crew member in the official DM Site. While most of them have only appeared once or twice, there are some that have been cast several times.