Lincoln (Character)

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Actor Thomas Velie
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Lincoln is one of the main anarchists from The Guards Themselves. He has the power to generate pennies from his hands, and is the primary source of money for the Anarchists. He's somewhat laidback and awkward, and uses his phone in two occasions to record important conversations.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Lincoln briefly appears towards the end of Part 1. After giving some money to MasterFusion, Lincoln awkwardly tries to invite the anarchist to hang out with him. Noam, however, is too busy for that, and tells him that he can't.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

After Richie's suggestion to get money, him and Noam go to Lincoln's apartment to get some more funding. They quickly discover that he passed out against the door, and show him what happened to the Anarchists. Lincoln, seeing that they are quite outnumbered, awkwardly offers his help. Noam halfheartedly accepts it, and tells him that he will be the "supervisor of the backup." During the Meyer building infiltration, Lincoln helps Noam with intel, looking at some of the building's cameras. He's later seen talking to Meyer's assistant, though gets dragged off by MasterFusion and drops a significant amount of pennies on the counter, much to the assistant's surprise. At the base, Lincoln is seen running to help Richie with some kind of accident. After that, he and the rest of the Anarchists infiltrate Meyer's prison, heading to where the rest of the anarchists are. While Noam, Messier and Emma have an argument, The Arsonist calls Lincoln to record a conversation between Meyer and Shawn. After a while, however, the two are seen and begin to run. All the anarchists begin to escape, encountering Spectacle and Mr. Justice in the process. Lincoln is one of the people that take the Crimefighters' side and help them escape, much to Noam's dismay.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

Back at the base, Lincoln talks with MasterFusion about Katie and shows him what he recorded inside the prison. Later, he accompanies Noam during the latter's call to Meyer, saying that his plan is "kinda iffy". Finally, during the final confrontation between Noam and Meyer, Lincoln is present with his phone, recording everything. When the executive eventually and accidentally spills out all of his plan, he notices Lincoln a second too late and gets knocked out by Messier. Lincoln then runs from the building, avoiding bullets from Meyer's guards, and his recordings reach the hands of the other four Oligarchs in the city.



Lincoln and Noam have known each other and have been friends since elementary school. They have a close relationship, as Noam trusts him to look after Richie, and Lincoln invites him to hang out and talks to him about girls. Noam is annoyed by the fact that Lincoln refuses to go the bank and Lincoln, in turn, is annoyed that Noam doesn't have a cell phone and insists on using his "Magic Bag" instead.

Richie/The Arsonist[edit]

Lincoln's main job as part of the Anarchists is to look after Richie and make sure he doesn't hurt himself too bad or set anything on fire. They seem to be on good terms and Richie likes him enough to drag Lincoln with him to the interrogation room where Meyer was interrogating Shawn. When they first met Richie was curious on whether Lincoln's rich, but quickly loses interest when he begins to talk about his powers.

Scott/Big Fist[edit]

Lincoln has known Scott for a long time and they are good friends.

Garrett Meyer[edit]

Lincoln mainly interacts with Meyer by recording him. He has done this on two occasions, once during the prison raid and again during Noam's meeting with him. He was key in ensuring that the Anarchists' plan to take him down worked.


Lincoln has known Katie since elementary school, but was never friends with her. He has shown an interest in dating her, but this is most likely due to the fact that she's a girl, as he is seen flirting with every woman he's encountered. He was one of the ones who was for bringing her back to the bunker with the Anarchists as they escaped.


  • Lincoln's use of his phone comes from the scrapped Camera Kid character.
  • Lincoln's name comes from the image of President Abraham Lincoln in the US Penny.