Ladders and Hatches (Running Gag)

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Ladders and Hatches
Type Verbal/Concept
Related Series Kerbal Space Program (Series)
First Instance Kerbal Space Program: First Flight

In Kerbal Space Program Sketches, there is often a ladder on the hatch put there by the engineer, so the Kerbonaut can't exit the pod. This means when they arrive on a planet or try and return home they cannot. Ethan normally is the one to point out the ladder to the frustration of Kyle.

This is a gag based on a common experience in KSP. In the game, if parts are placed over the hatch of a command pod, kerbals cannot leave the pod. Many inexperienced players may place ladders on the pods so the kerbals can get in and out, but may place it too high and obstruct the hatch. If they are not aware of this, they may end up traveling to new worlds only to be confronted by the fact that the whole trip was pointless due to an engineering mistake.

List of Instances[edit]

Kerbal Space Program: First Flight[edit]

The first instance of the joke. Jeb tries to open the hatch mid-flight and finds he cannot. Ethan notes that there is a ladder on the hatch preventing it from opening. This makes Kyle question who could have possibly built such a broken rocket. You then see the engineer's ineptness in rocket building before Kyle dismisses the subject.

Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün[edit]

After Bill successfully lands on the Mün, Ethan points out that there's still a ladder on the hatch. This frustrates Kyle that such a simple problem hasn't been fixed.

Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking[edit]

Right at the start, Kyle expresses dislike for engineers as they keep putting ladders on hatches. At the end of the Sketch, Kyle, amazed by the stupidity of Bill, realizes only someone that stupid could put the ladders on the hatches. This links to the start, as Kyles general dislike for engineers is superceeded by specific dislike for Bill as he is the one who is putting the ladders on the hatches.

Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission[edit]

Kyle mentions a lack of Architectual obstructions in surprise that nothing went wrong. Later when they want to leave the destroyed space centre, Kyle suggests Ethan leave via the back, however there is a hatch on top of the ladder. At this point Kyle isn't suprised by anything, and is a twist on Ladders on Hatches.