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Kyle Sullivan is the man behind the channel, and as such, has appeared in most sketches. Because of this, he has many personas.


Careless Kyle[edit]

Careless Kyle
Oblivious Kyle.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Sketch Director
First Appearance Fold It Like A Hamburger

Kyle Sullivan is the character that often appears in sketches taking place in a modern setting. Kyle is often shown to be extremely unconcerned with events, and takes a very casual and careless approach to potentially dangerous situations. For example, he was unable to resist abstaining from opening fortune cookies that defined the near-future that were causing a rapidly deteriorating environment, and creating an A.I. with a rocket launcher.


Fold It Like A Hamburger[edit]

In Fold It Like A Hamburger, Kyle obliviously creates a hamburger out of paper. Jon becomes mildly frustrated because of this.

Toast Launcher[edit]

In Toast Launcher, Kyle modifies a toaster to make it launch toast like a projectile weapon. It is also revealed that he made similar contraptions using CDs and VHS tapes.

Spiral Knights: Time For Adventure[edit]

In SK: Time For Adventure, Kyle acts in a hyper-active manner throughout the entire sketch, constantly hungry for adventure.

DIY AI[edit]

In DYI AI, Kyle creates an AI using a manual from IKEA. Ian later discovers that he also attached a rocket launcher to the machine, just because it was Step 7 in the manual. Sullivan tries to excuse himself by saying that it is humanity's fate to create the thing that destroys them, but it does not work. In the end, the AI commits suicide after downloading the internet. Sullivan happily comments that the situation took care of itself.

Rocket League: Professional Strategies[edit]

In RL: Professional Strategies, a team comprised of Ethan, Jefferey and Kyle work together to try to win against the other team. Their "teamwork", however, proves to be just constant yelling and ball-rushing.

Reversive Gaming[edit]

In Reversive Gaming, Kyle utilizes VR technology to emulate old games. Conn gets outraged by this misuse of advanced technology.

Comic Con: Meeting Your Heroes[edit]

In Comic Con: Meeting Your Heroes, Kyle mistakenly believes that every cosplayer he meets is actually the real character. Ian tries to prove him wrong, but Sullivan remains oblivious and unconvinced.

DayZ: I Have a Gun[edit]

In DayZ: I Have a Gun, Ethan and Kyle constantly suspect each other of planning on betraying their would-be alliance. They eventually try to kill each other, but discover that both are out of bullets. Meanwhile, a player in the distance prepares to execute the two.

The Stuffing of Legends[edit]

In The Stuffing of Legends, Kyle becomes extra insane after taking too much medicine. The sketch director begins to believe that he's a hunter, and runs into the wild.

90's Nostalgia[edit]

In 90's Nostalgia, Kyle takes advantage of a time portal inside his basement to spawn objects from the 1990 decade. This is said to be the reason why the power rangers movie and Pokémon Go were created.

Can't See Green[edit]

In Can't See Green, Kyle claims to have a type of colorblindness that makes green objects invisible. Ethan tries to disprove his affirmations.

Assassin's Creed: Animüs[edit]

In AC: Animüs, Kyle uses an IKEA Animus lookalike to try to access his ancestors' memories. What he finds, however, are just potatoes and fields, as his entire family was entirely comprised of peasants. Sullivan eventually comes up with the idea of creating a fake memory for his future children, and wears an Assassin costume to fake an assassination.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5[edit]

In Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5, Kyle shows off his carelessness and repeatedly threatens to end the world before finally doing so. When told by a time traveler that if he constructs a grilled cheese sandwich, it will set off a chain of events that will destroy the earth. In order to stop it, Ian agrees to do a small chore that prevents Kyle from making it. Kyle then attempts to do it again after he leaves, so another version shows up to do another chore. He repeats this before actually making the sandwich and destroying the world when Ian gets caught up arguing with another time traveler aware of Kyle's antics.

Unfortunate Cookies[edit]

In Unfortunate Cookies, Kyle is originally dismissive of the fortunes in fortune cookies, but gets much more interested after finding out that the fortunes can influence reality. With JP, they continue to open fortune cookies even as reality around them begins to degrade. Opening a "I think, therefore I am" cookie causes Kyle to cease to exist, but JP finds a cookie that allows him to control destiny and fixes everything.

Spending and Saving[edit]

In Spending and Saving, Kyle shows of his collection of coupons. Like traditional Kyle, he shows off how he is intelligent enough to make something complicated, in this case a system that saves him tons of money through various complementary coupons, but how he is missing the overall point. All this system seems to achieve is him ending up with a bunch of useless stuff.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3[edit]

In Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3, Kyle becomes the Doctor (Who), and reveals that he has been trying to fix his past mistakes with time travel by killing his other versions. This causes horrendous errors in the continuity of the universe, spawning and/or reviving old characters. Ian eventually gets fed up with his carelessness and shoots him.

A Vlog A Day[edit]

In A Vlog A Day, Kyle plays a Youtube vlogger that pranks his roommate to get views. This causes him to only have haters, however.

PUBG: Second Place Champ[edit]

In PUBG: Second Place Champ, Sullivan challenges Ethan's proposal of letting him get second place and kills himself with the incoming forcefield. This is a great example of this persona's carelessness.

Director Kyle[edit]

Director Kyle
Director Kyle.png
Kyle in On Set: What
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Sketch Director
First Appearance How to Make Comedy Sketches

This persona is meant to represent a real-life version of Kyle. It is usually present in meta episodes.


How to Make Comedy Sketches[edit]

In How to Make Comedy Sketches, Kyle asks Jon to give him ideas for a sketch. They brainstorm together an idea, and finalize it with a gunshot to Jon's head.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)[edit]

In SFI 4 (1st Year Finale), Kyle, Ethan, Ian and Jefferey travel through White Lightning HQ's sketches to find and defeat DoodleConn. Sullivan references many videos of the channel, and confronts Yegor and DoodleConn in the final battle.

On Set: What[edit]

In On Set: What, Ian and Kyle try to figure out which is the best way to say the word "what". In the end, however, Sullivan decides to just use the first take. Conn screams "What?!" in response to this.

Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)[edit]

In Comical Road Trip, Ian and Kyle pursue Jegor and the Hobo through the sketches of the third year. Eventually, both of them catch up to their fictional versions, executing both. When Sullivan asks if they are getting too dark, Ian answers that nobody will notice it.

Show Busyness (4th Year Finale)[edit]

In Show Busyness, Kyle, Ian and Allison hire Jefferey, Matt Locke, Cesar Riojas and Thomas Devery to film the finale for them. Ethan, after discussing with the fake crew, find the three clumped up on a corner working on Skyvault, and manages to encourage them to work on the finale instead.

Sarcastic Kyle[edit]

Sarcastic Kyle
Cynic Kyle.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Sketch Director
First Appearance VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision

In some videos, Kyle plays a very cynical straightman, sarcastically belittling the other characters in the sketch.


VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision[edit]

In VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision, Kyle constantly and repeatedly criticizes JP and Jefferey's use of VR, as it can lead to very dangerous situations. To demonstrate this, Kyle puts an exaggerated amount of salt on Jefferey's food while he's not paying attention.

Magic Mugging[edit]

In Magic Mugging, a Novice Mage tries to mug Kyle. The mage misses both of his Magic Missiles, however, and Sullivan quickly reasons that he does not have any other offensive spells. Kyle then begins to belittle and poke fun at him.

Anger Management[edit]

In Anger Management, Ian gets extremely angry while using the internet. Kyle sits him down and explains how to use each social network properly.

Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver, Kyle witnesses Jeffrey entering his house with a Keyblade. The two argue about the practical use of the weapon, and Neely realizes that it doesn't work with electronic locks. Sullivan then smugly takes a Sonic Screwdriver and opens the door.

Stay Hydrated[edit]

In Stay Hydrated, Kyle tries to convince Jeffrey, who is sick, to stop drinking soda. Neely, however, just keeps throwing the water into a fake plant. In reaction to this, Sullivan nonchalantly orders him to drink the water, otherwise he will knock him out and drown him with it.

Dasi Board[edit]

Arguable. In Dasi Board, Kyle sarcastically points out the impossibility of JP's "Dasi Board," an IKEA ouija board lookalike. Sullivan seems cynical and harsh throughout most of the sketch.

The Patient Gamer[edit]

In The Patient Gamer, Sullivan discovers Ian's strategy of buying old, used games. Kyle tries to argue with him, but fails. Realizing that Conn won't change his behavior, Sullivan decides to warn him about upcoming games.

Excessive Accessories[edit]

In Excessive Accessories, Kyle pokes fun at Ricky's stat-boosting accessories. The sketch director challenges him to wear all of his items at once, leading to surprising consequences.

Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy[edit]

In Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy, Allison enters Kyle's room with a Gunblade. She tells him that Texas has a new law that allows citizens to carry swords, and that she's going to walk around in Final Fantasy-like gear to keep up with the trends. Kyle sarcastically deprecates her behavior, and takes her Gunblade.

Lola Needs Attention[edit]

In Lola Needs Attention, Kyle tells Allison to feed the cat before leaving. When he returns, he asks if she did. While she says 'Yes', Lola summoned a portal bringing forth the 'Dark One', making Kyle note how it doesn't look like she did.

Frustrated Kyle[edit]

Frustrated Kyle
Frustrated Kyle.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Sketch Director
First Appearance Oh, the Technology!

Kyle's second straightman persona. This persona is short-tempered and/or over-the-top, constantly getting frustrated by the absurd circustances around him.


Oh, the Technology![edit]

In Oh, the Technology!, Kyle's computer suddenly shuts down while Sullivan is creating an animation. Because of this, the animator becomes very angry, and starts to rant and argue with the machine.

Christmas OCD[edit]

In Christmas OCD, Sullivan gets increasingly more frustrated with a christmas musical toy that doesn't work properly. He spends a lot of time trying to fix the gizmo, though none of his attempts work. At the end of the sketch, Sullivan loses his patience and attacks the toy with a meat tenderizer.

First Christmas[edit]

In First Christmas, Kyle and Ian argue about Thanksgiving. Ian claims that it is First Christmas (with the actual Christmas being "Second Christmas"), though Sullivan denies everything. Everything around him gradually becomes more Christmas-related, though, and eventually culminates with a Christmas tree appearing in his house and Christmas lights appearing all around Ian's body.

Secret Identity Crisis[edit]

In Secret Identity Crisis, Kyle makes fun of Balloon Man and Flying Man's attitudes, claiming that they do not match their superhero status.

Kyle Plays Magic[edit]

In Kyle Plays Magic, Kyle acts generally impatient and dismissive, attempting to get back to work on editing The Guards Themselves while Ethan tries to get him to take a break and play Magic: The Gathering. They play a single game together through Ethan's hard work to get Kyle to pay attention. Despite Kyle doing all his actions quickly and seemingly randomly to keep the whole thing short, he still wins nearly immediately.

Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now[edit]

In Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now, Sullivan discovers about the 2016 Pokemon Go frenzy. After talking a bit with Jefferey, he gets the idea of stealing Neely's phone and selling his account.

Sneezing and Driving[edit]

In Sneezing and Driving, Kyle keeps getting constant urges of sneezing while he is driving. Each time he sneezes, something dangerous and absurd happens, like getting teleported to the back seat or making the car appear in another lane. Both Ian and Kyle get frustrated by this.

Clickbait is Literally Hitler[edit]

In Clickbait is Literally Hitler, Kyle tries to protest against clickbait. No one pays attention to him, however, until he starts using clickbait too. Sullivan seems annoyed during the entire sketch.

The Man Who Can't Finish Anything[edit]

In The Man Who Can't Finish Anything, Kyle and Ethan discuss Ethan's inability to complete anything. Sullivan becomes increasingly more infuriated with Ethan, and calls him "the worst" at the end of the sketch.

D&D: Bad Dice[edit]

In D&D: Bad Dice, Kyle rolls numerous critical failures during his game. He eventually becomes so frustrated that he calls them cursed and destroys them all.

Agent Sullivan[edit]

Agent Sullivan
Agent Sullivan.png
Agent Sullivan in WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube
Name Status Official Name
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Secret Agent
First Appearance Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale)

Kyle's persona in White Lightning HQ-related sketches.


Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale)[edit]

Agent Sullivan appears at the beginning and at the end of this sketch. In the beginning, he explains the Time Bomb game and gets captured by the IKEA Notebook. At the end, he is saved by Joey and Jefferey, and claims he will put WLHQ back into shape.

WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes[edit]

In WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes, Agent Sullivan confronts a Buzzfeed employee about the validity of their quizzes. Eventually, the agent decides to test it, though gets very surprised when the quiz shows him the right answer.

WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube[edit]

In WLHQ: That Part of Youtube, Agent Sullivan gets lost in the Youtube Headquarters during an investigation on the Demonetization issues. Agent Butcher calls him and helps him find the right path. At the end of the sketch, however, Butcher falls asleep when Sullivan passes through the ASMR section, making Sullivan become lost again.

WLHQ: Hero Complex[edit]

In WLHQ: Hero Complex, Agent Sullivan has to disable a control panel before it can launch a missile. The timer, however, never actually reaches zero and Sullivan, with the help of "The Hero," try to figure out why it's not working.