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Kyle Sullivan
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Kyle Sullivan
Full Name Kyle C. Sullivan
Role Founder; Director; Writer; Actor
First Appearance The Soviet Report/A Tremendous Waste of Time

Kyle makes stuff and doesn't do anything else, ever. He specializes in writing and storytelling, and out of necessity, picked up skills in illustration, animation, cinematography, editing, special effects, web design, costume design, prop building, and 3D modelling along the way. He has made great use of this knowledge by devoting all his time to making internet videos.

Kyle and Allison are currently married.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Kyle has been in front of the camera in a high percentage of the videos produced on the Door Monster channel, and has many recurring roles.

Kyle Sullivan (Character)[edit]

Extortionist Hobo[edit]

Main article: Extortionist Hobo



Main article: Worker (Character)

In some Civilization videos, Kyle plays a Worker who constantly acts indifferent to his work, due to him disliking his job.

Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker
Civ 6: New Workers

Space "Explorer"[edit]

The space explorer has appeared in three sketches, although there is no confirmed link between the three aside from their confidence, narcissism, and lack of social awareness.

FTL: Use the Doors
Duskers: Accidental Pirate
No Man's Sky: Plain Language


Yegor is a stereotypical Russian henchman from the KGB series. He is apparently a friend and comrade of Jegor, played by Ian. His name was also confirmed by Ian on the DM discord. License to Maim was his first appearance.

License to Maim
Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4
Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3
All in the Delivery


Kyle has appeared as a character in a fantasy world 4 times. These characters are probably unconnected aside from this fact.

D&D: Diplomacy
Seller Beware
Skyrim: Help Wanted
D&D: Perception

Appearance List[edit]