Kyle Plays Magic

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Kyle Plays Magic
YT KylePlaysMagic.jpg
Kyle Plays Magic
YouTube Link
Date Released August 31, 2015
Length 1:49
Game N/A

Kyle plays Magic, starring Kyle and Ethan, is a sketch about Ethan trying to teach Kyle how to play Magic: The Gathering. However, Kyle is in a workaholic phase, acting dismissive and impatient in order to get back to editing a movie.

Description: "Ethan tries to get Kyle to take a break from finishing up the Guards Themselves to learn Magic the Gathering."


Character Actor/Actress
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ethan Gelinas Himself


The sketch starts off with Kyle and Ethan sitting down on the floor of a bedroom, with Kyle protesting that he "need[s] to edit the movie". Ethan convinces him to stop editing for a bit and to play Magic with him. Ethan then tells Kyle that he has to make a deck, which Kyle accomplishes by throwing a pile of cards on the floor. Task completed (although incorrectly), Kyle then tries to grab his laptop but Ethan slaps his hand away.

After that, Ethan asks Kyle to pick out a few cards that he likes so they can build an actual deck around it. Kyle picks "The Dinosaur", "The Rock", "The Starfish", and "The Plant Monster" randomly, without any strategy. Ethan explains to Kyle how the turn order goes. Kyle, using his cards, turns all of Ethan's elves into frogs, then lights them on fire. Ethan replies with "My Frelves are now on fire". Kyle then plays a card that apparently kills Ethan immediately. Despite the win, Kyle laments it because now he has "to go edit this too".


  • "The movie" that Kyle is referring to at the beginning of the sketch is The Guards Themselves.
  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 1:02. He's in the left-most card of Kyle's side.
  • "The Starfish" most likely refers to the card "Sigiled Starfish".