Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver

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Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver
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Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released October 17, 2016
Length 1:52
Game Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver is a sketch about Jefferey getting a keyblade.

Description: Jefferey is chosen to wield the ancient and mystical Keyblade! Let's hope he puts it to good use.


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The sketch begins with Jefferey using the keyblade to unlock Kyle's front door and walk inside as Kyle watches from the side. He takes a few seconds to think about what just happened before following Jefferey inside. He asks about the keyblade and Jefferey tells him about a nightmare he had where he was being smothered by living shadow and when he woke up he had the keyblade. Suddenly a Heartless appears and Jefferey quickly strikes it down with his keyblade. Kyle tells him that he doesn't think Jefferey understands the math of convenience and Jefferey responds by saying he doesn't have to carry keys anymore. Kyle doesn't believe that a giant key-shaped club is an improvement. Jefferey does admit that it's a little heavy, but it can open anything and it's as good as carrying around a thousand keys. Jefferey then tries to go through a door only to see that it has an electronic padlock on it. Kyle tells him he installed some extra security yesterday before asking how he's not concerned with all the monsters that are coming after him because of the keyblade. Jefferey quickly takes out another Heartless and says that he barely notices them. Jefferey calls himself a keyblade master and Kyle rebukes this and calls him a "keyblade haver" because he's not a master of anything and turned an "ancient, mystical weapon into an unwieldy lockpick." Jefferey tells Kyle he can go anywhere he wants and attempts to unlock the door with the electronic padlock on it, only for nothing to happen. Kyle then pulls out a sonic screwdriver from his pocket and unlocks the door with it.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The nightmare Jefferey had is a reference to the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts game.


  • The sonic screwdriver is a multifunctional tool from Doctor Who that can manipulate technology.