Kerbal Space Program (Series)

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Kerbal Space Program
YouTube Link
Status Inactive
Length 5 videos
Game Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulation game, in which the player builds spaceships to send creatures known as "kerbals" to space.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Launch Coordinator
Jon Currie Jebediah Kerman
Ethan Gelinas Launch Assistant

Video list[edit]

Kerbal Space Program: First Flight[edit]

In Kerbal Space Program: First Flight, a launch coordinator and a kerbal try to fly to space. The kerbal proves himself to be way too dramatic and idiotic, while the coordinator blames all problems on him, even though part of the fault actually rests on the coordinator. In the end, the rocket spins out of control and falls into the ocean. The launch coordinator decides to leave Jebediah, the kerbal, there.

Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün[edit]

In Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün, Jebediah is replaced by Bill, who is even more ignorant than the previous kerbal. After some problems with miscommunication and timing errors, Bill accidentally ejects all of his boosters into space. He hides this fact from the Coordinator, however, only revealing it during the landing procedure on the Mün, three days later. The team manages to land the spacecraft, though Bill gets stuck there.

Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking[edit]

In Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking, the Coordinator decides to send an enginner to the mission, as all the other pilots have gone missing. The kerbal's name is Bob, and he's known for being a coward. The mission, which is docking the ship in a space station, begins smoothly, though things quickly go awry when Bob accelerates too fast and knocks the station out of orbit. The coordinator, tired, leaves Bob in orbit, sarcastically asking him to propel himself to the Sun. Bob reveals that he put a heat shield in the rocket, to which the coordinator asks, "you're the one who put ladders on those hatches, aren't you?"

Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission[edit]

In Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission, the Coordinator calls Valentina, another kerbal, to rescue the other pilots who got lost/stuck in prior videos. It is quickly shown that this kerbal is way more competent than all of the others, including the Coordinator himself. She quickly rescues Bob and Bill without effort, though Jebediah wasn't included in the plan. After humiliating the coordinator, Valentina is asked to return, though she reveals that she actually doesn't know how to do that. After a moment of collective panic, Valentina lands on the ocean while her boosters hit the space station, destroying it.

Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight[edit]

In Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight, Scott Manley is assigned as a supervisor after the station got blown up in the last video. Manley quickly passes blame upon the coordinator for the last four (or three, according to the coordinator) crashes, and begins to give instructions to Jebediah, who is flying a plane. After the kerbonaut starts screaming, Manley and the coordinator discuss budgets and the lack of qualification of everyone in the station. Scott points out how the coordinator isn't fit for the job, though gets interrupted by the discovery that Jeb is headed towards the station. The coordinator manages to make the kerbal avoid the collision and orders him to jettison. Manley, after seeing all of this, becomes outraged and declares that he will leave Jebediah in the ocean.

Running Gags[edit]