Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün

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Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün
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Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released May 11, 2015
Length 3:04
Game Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün is the second video of the Kerbal Space Program series. In it, Kyle attempts to land Bill on the Mün.

Description: "Getting to the Mün for the first time is a huge achievement! Landing on it, even more so. Don't even get us started on the return trip."


Actor Character
Jon Currie Bill Kerman
Kyle Sullivan Launch Coordinator
Ethan Gelinas Launch Assistant


The sketch begins with Kyle waking up Bill Kerman. Kyle asks Bill what's wrong, to which Kyle is surprised to find Bill reports nothing wrong.

Bill doesn't know he's in space, and when Kyle tells him, he begins to scream in panic. When he realizes he's meant to be going to the Mün, he calms down. Kyle tells him he needs to orientate towards the moon, and Bill says he's ready. However, Bill doesn't actually know how to do that. After managing it, Kyle tells him to wait until the timer hits 0, and then fire the engines. However, Bill finds the timer says +20s, indicating he should have fired 20 seconds ago. Despite this, he fires the engines and ends up on course. Now he simply has to remove the booster and wait 3 days. But Bill accidentally removes both that booster AND the next booster. He tries to cover it up, and Kyle lets it go. Bill drifts towards the Mün for 3 days.

When Kyle returns, he tells Bill to fire the next booster - the one he lost. When he tells Kyle, he is frustrated and tells him to fire the final booster instead. He screams once more on the way down and crashes into the surface, but not fast enough to explode. He flips a few times losing a lander leg before the pod comes to a stop on its side. Bill is amazed it worked and Kyle realizes him being stuck there isn't bad, and gives him permission to leave. However, Ethan comes in to tell Kyle there is still a ladder on the hatch (from Kerbal Space Program: First Flight), so Bill can't even place a flag or anything else.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Kyles surprise at nothing wrong is due to the fact that KSP is so difficult and more often than not, something's wrong when you get up into orbit.
  • The confusion between putting the gray circle onto the blue circle was a joke relating to the fact there are so many colored shapes on the screen, and it's easy to mix them up, making the intuitive method of simply seeing where you're pointing a better method than the advanced equipment.