Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission

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Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission
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Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released Oct 5, 2015
Length 3:51
Game Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission is the fourth video of the Kerbal Space Program series. In it, the Launch Coordinator attempts to retrieve all the lost Kerbonauts from previous episodes.

Description: "It's all fun and games until somebody else shows up with math and judgement."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Launch Coordinator
Jon Currie Jeb Kerman
Jon Currie Bob Kerman
Jon Currie Bill Kerman
Rachel Butcher Valentina Kerman
Ethan Gelinas Launch Assistant


The sketch begins with the Launch Coordinator confidently explaining how to land on the moon. As he relays instructions for landing, Valentina has already landed and brought Bill on board. He is surprised as every Kerbal so far has been stupid with no common sense. Bill claims mission success as if he was the one to do all the work, followed by a Quip by the Launch Coordinator that he couldn't even use up air properly. They get into a discussion about whether he is Bill or Bob, and neither of them seems sure. Valentina asks why there even doing a rescue mission, and the Launch Coordinator gives a reason relating to being a real space program. Valentina tells him she's better than them, but so far in 3 launches they have lost 3 Kerbonauts, and need more on hand in case they're needed. This makes Valentina consider if she might be the next one stuck in space. The Coordinator tries to take it back by reassuring her it was well done and has a higher chance of working.

We find out Valentina put less boosters on than expected, but the Coordinator let's it go with the hope that she's right. Then the Launch Coordinator again begins to explain what needs to be done, but once again, Valentina is already there. Bob realizes his name isn't Bill when he meets Bill. In that short time, the Coordinator is amazed she got there so fast using Warp Time, and managed to dock without the usual screaming, ladders on hatches, or explosions from blowing up the ship that have happened previously. Somehow, Valentina did everything from the previous missions, but easily and without problem. Valentina explains the procedure of getting to the ship using complex KSP language, quickly confusing the Coordinator who only understands a fraction of those words. Valentina suggests the Coordinator has been the problem with all the missions, while the Coordinator explains he is only there to feel smart with rockets, and somehow can't do even that with fake rockets. He blames the Kerbonauts for not doing anything right and Valentina for making him realize he can't even do this right. The Coordinator resigns himself to letting her land and take his job, leaving him to do something simpler like the Sims.

However, Valentina doesn't know how to land, as nobody has successfully managed it before. The Launch Coordinator is certain she's mocking him, having done everything perfect until now and revealed how inept he is. As he realizes this is an actual problem, he goes through the steps of explaining how to safely land in the only way they know how - falling. They jetteson everything so the tanks of fuel don't explode the shuttle. In such a tense situation, as they fall, everyone screams in panic, including the Coordinator. They parachute down, and as they decend, the boosters crash into the space centre, destroying it. The Launch assistant tries to get out, but there's a hatch on the exit ladder. The Coordinator has given up on everything by this point, just sitting there.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Not using up air properly is a joke about how in KSP, Oxygen is infinite.
  • Confusion about Bill or Bob a joke about all Kerbals (except between genders) act and look the same.