Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking

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Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking
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Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released July 6, 2015
Length 3:15
Game Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking is the third video of the Kerbal Space Program series. In it, the Launch Coordinator attempts to help Bob with docking.

Description: "There's a special feeling you get when docking for the first time - it's a feeling commonly known as "overwhelming panic.""


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Launch Coordinator
Jon Currie Bob Kerman
Ethan Gelinas Launch Assistant


The sketch begins with the Launch Coordinator talking to Bob the Engineer, commenting about how he doesn't like people of his profession, as they keep putting ladders on top of hatches. The Coordinator reveals that he was forced to send Bob up, as all their other astronauts are currently missing. He then tells Bob that they will be sending him up to the new space station to dock. After hearing that, Bob begins to scream. The Coordinator tells him that according to his file, he is a coward. Without any follow-up at his disposal, the launch begins, and after reaching space, the Coordinator asks Bob how to dock, as he has never done it before. The engineer, however, barely knows how it works either.

After some banter, Bob enters docking mode and starts to slowly accelerate towards the station. He begins to panic as he believes he's going too fast, despite the fact that he's not. Kyle tells him to go a little faster, but not too much, though Bob's panicked state makes him go full speed towards the space station, eventually crashing into it and blowing it out of orbit. Bob, however, stays in orbit and asks if he can eat the goo. Kyle tells him not to as it turns people green and instead suggests propelling him into the sun. Bob proudly states that he put a heat shield on the ship and Kyle figures out that Bob was the one who kept putting ladders on top of the hatches.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The goo turning people green is referencing how the Kerbals have green skin.