Kerbal Space Program: First Flight

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Kerbal Space Program: First Flight
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Kerbal Space Program: First Flight Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released January 5, 2015
Length 2:43
Game Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program: First Flight is the first video of the Kerbal Space Program series. In it, Kyle attempts to guide Jeb into space.

Description: "If you play Kerbal Space Program and also aren't a rocket scientist, your first attempt may look something like this. Also your second. And twentieth. Or maybe it's just me."


Actor Character
Jon Currie Jebediah Kerman
Kyle Sullivan Launch Coordinator
Ethan Gelinas Launch Assistant


The sketch begins with Kyle talking with Jeb about how he believes this launch will "be the one to get off the platform." Kyle does some last minute checks on the ship and, deeming it good enough, begins to initiate countdown.

Jeb launches and begins to scream in panic. After calming down he starts to mess with various objects in the ship, one of these objects being "goo." Jeb then looks out the window and comments how the colors are switching between blue and green. He attempts to open the hatch, to no avail. Ethan references the blueprints and points out a ladder that was placed on top of the hatch by an engineer.

The rocket then begins to fly towards the ground and Kyle aborts mission. Jeb ends up landing in the ocean ten miles from the space station. Kyle decides to leave Jeb in the ocean.

The sketch ends.