Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight

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Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight
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Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight Thumbnail
YouTube Link Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight
Date Released May 30, 2016
Length 3:29
Game Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight is the fifth and last video of the Kerbal Space Program series. In it, the Launch Coordinator, alongside the Launch Supervisor, launches Jeb in a space plane from the hanger.

Description: "Jeb and that scientist guy are back to fly some planes, and this time they have help."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Launch Coordinator
Jon Currie Jeb Kerman
Scott Manley Launch Supervisor
Ethan Gelinas Launch Assistant


The sketch begins with the Launch Coordinator talking to Jeb, asking him not to fly the new space plane into the new space centre. Jeb, however, not listening to what was said, takes it to be the opposite. After clarifying about the situation, the Coordinator continues, telling Jeb that there is a new Launch Supervisor who is there to stop him from failing any more missions. Jeb and the Coordinator were surprised to discover that there are other people living on Kerbin, but dismiss this as not a problem. The coordinator tries to reassure him that he's not needed, but the Supervisor knows they don't know what they're doing. The man then tells Jeb they'll be flying a plane, so it should be easier, but the Coordinator chimes in that due to friction and a more complex direction, it'll be harder. The supervisor uses this to mention how the Coordinator was in charge during the last 4 crashes, and decides to take the lead, asking the Coordinator to not insult the Kerbonauts. The Coordinator knows the Kerbonauts are always dumb in the best situations, and claims that they'll be on the same page in 2 minutes.

The Supervisor begins providing complicated instructions on how to launch, and the Coordinator suggests muting the audio. The Supervisor takes that to mean the jet engines are loud, though quickly discovers he was mistaken after hearing Jeb's screams. The Supervisor wonders if anyone is actually qualified for this job, to which the Coordinator explains they aren't and that's just their thing. The Supervisor mentions that their budget fills him with dread, but the Coordinator becomes confused, not knowing what money is. The Launch Assistant comes in to explain that he now needs to trade money for rockets, though that just further confuses him. Hearing all of this, the Supervisor begins to wonder if this is really the right job for him, mirroring Valentina in the previous episode. The Coordinator begins to try to defend himself, but before he can finish his statement, the Assistant appears and tells the Supervisor that Jeb is still flying a plane.

Jeb is now flying towards the space station upside down as the Supervisor begins to relay complex instructions to get out of the way. The Coordinator knows Jeb won't understand, so gives him the instructions in a simpler form, allowing Jeb to dodge the Space centre. The Supervisor wonders if Jeb has the expertise to land, while the Coordinator explains that was never going to happen and orders Jeb to abort. Jeb immediately stages the plane so it can parachute down safely, to the surprise of the Supervisor. The Coordinator explains he learnt it from his last crashes, and describes it as a horizontal rocket, much to the Supervisors dismay. Jeb makes a somewhat sarcastic comment towards both, and with that, the Supervisor decides to leave Jeb in the ocean, to which the Coordinator exclaims 'Two Minutes!' in reference to the earlier timer.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The lack of knowledge about money is about how the feature for money was added in later game versions, and you used to get rockets just by asking.
  • Coordinator confused by a sense of accomplishment because all previous launches have failed in some capacity.
  • Mentions 3 1/4 crashes at the end: First rocket, 1/4 of the Mün lander, the crash into the space station and the crash that demolished the space centre.



  • The "two minutes" joke started between 1:08-1:12 and finished at 3:03-3:06. As such, the Coordinator's prediction was off by just around 5 seconds.