Keep It Above Board

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Keep It Above Board
Keep It Above Board Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released January 21, 2019
Length 3:09
Game Board Games in general

Keep It Above Board is a board game sketch. In it, Kyle argues with his fellow players about budging rolls and ignoring rules.

Description: "A board game enthusiast is appalled by his friends' casual dismissal of the rules."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Rachel Butcher Herself
Erin Cain Herself
Allison Devery Police Inspector


The video begins with Kyle, Ian, Rachel and Erin playing Pandemic. Ian pulls a card out of the players deck, and it is revealed that it is an Epidemic card. The group becomes mildly grumpy, and so Ian suggests skipping that card. Kyle asks if he's sure about it, to which Ian confirms it, saying that he does it all the time. Sullivan, surprised, asks for why would he say that out loud, though both Rachel and Erin don't seem to mind. Kyle begins to feel paranoid, mentioning that someone could be listening, and insists for them to not ignore the rules. Erin says that it is just a game, and Ian argues that the rules are made to facilitate fun, and it's more fun if they get to keep playing. Kyle, pressured, concedes.

Ian pulls another Epidemic card. Kyle calls that karmic justice, but the group just decides to "draw until we get a good one". Ian keeps drawing more cards, with every single one of them being Epidemics, and with this, Kyle decides to leave. Erin and Rachel stop him, however, and after some questioning, they discover that Kyle is wearing a wire. Ian, Rachel and Erin then take him down, and the entire scene changes.

Kyle falls on a chair, and the entire room becomes dark. Initially, Sullivan puts his hands in front of his face, thinking they're going to hit him, but he realizes that they won't. As soon as he puts his hands down, though, Rachel punches him. Ian then begins to interrogate him, asking for who ordered him to snitch on them. Sullivan responds that he's not going to answer, and Conn finally orders Erin to "introduce him to the hippos". Cain takes Kyle's character card and throws it in the middle of the Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game, while he screams in agony and despair.

The video ends with the Monopoly Man, who was hearing everything, saying that "they lost another one".