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Status Inactive
Length 6 videos
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KGB is a series about the adventures of the Russian spies, Jegor and Yegor. The videos are uploaded non-linearly, but are linear in the playlist.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Ian Conn Jegor Smirnov
Kyle Sullivan Yegor

Videos list[edit]

How About That Weather[edit]

Jegor moves to America and greets his neighbor. He tries to get nuclear launch codes from him.

All in the Delivery[edit]

Yegor and Jegor intimidate a sneaky American spy.

Daredevil's Signature Move[edit]

Jegor fights Daredevil and is subjected to his signature move.

License to Maim[edit]

Jegor never got his license to kill, so he settled for a license to maim.

Papers, Please: Typographical Errors[edit]

Jegor runs into some problems while trying to enter Arstotzka.


This video marks the end of the KGB timeline as their organization has been shut down and Jegor is legally dead.