Jon is Cool

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Jon is Cool
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Date Released May 12, 2011
Length 0:34
Game N/A

Jon is Cool is a short sketch satirizing "cool guy" tropes.

Description: "And we all know what cool guys like Jon don't do!"


Actor Character
Jon Currie Himself


Jon is in front of a Coca-Cola vending machine, putting a dollar in the inserting area. He presses a button, and after a while, nothing happens. Jon then tries punching, kicking and tilting the machine, but still, nothing happens. Out of patience, Currie pulls a dynamite out of nowhere, smiles, and puts the bomb in the machine.

He then walks away, puts on sunglasses, and presses the detonation button. A giant explosion occurs, and the phrase "cool guys don't look at EXPLOSIONS" appears, accompanied by a "cool" song.

The sketch ends.


  • This is the third shortest sketch of the channel.