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Jon is one of the oldest Door Monster Crew members, having played roles near the creation of the channel and has helped Kyle with a lot of other projects. However, due to his status in the Army, he hasn't been able to act often, making him have a much less regular appearance in sketches.

Cool Jon[edit]

Cool Jon
Cool Jon.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Jon Currie
Occupation Cool Person
First Appearance Runaway Smith/Jon is Cool

One of Jon's characters is himself, but cooler. This character has appeared in Jon is Cool, Gary the Misanthrope and arguably Runaway Smith. It is depicted as a badass stereotype, being proficient with guns and explosives.


Jon is Cool[edit]

In Jon is Cool, Jon gets frustrated with a vending machine that doesn't work. After some failed attempts at forcing the item out, Jon puts a dynamite inside the compartment. He then walks away, puts on sunglasses, and presses the detonation button. A giant explosion occurs, and the phrase "cool guys don't look at EXPLOSIONS" appears, accompanied by a "cool" song.

Gary the Misanthrope[edit]

In Gary the Misanthrope, Jon is seen throwing a can into a trash bin. Gary, however, takes it out and drops it on the floor.

Internet User[edit]

Internet User
Internet Jon.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Jon Currie
Occupation Internet User
First Appearance How to Make Comedy Sketches

Jon appears in two sketches using a computer and being slightly insane.


How to Make Comedy Sketches[edit]

In How to Make Comedy Sketches, Jon is asked to provide ideas for a sketch. He begins by citing strategies from popular youtubers, like topical subjects and video games. As time goes on, however, he just starts to say random words. In the end of the sketch, Kyle shoots him in the head.

Chuck: Intersnect[edit]

In this video, Jon downloads the entire internet onto his brain. Kyle tries to test him to see what new abilities he got, though the experiment proves to be disappointing and painful.