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Jon Currie
Jon's Profile Picture
Full Name Jon Currie
Role Actor, Kerbal, Streamer
First Appearance Runaway Smith/Fold It Like A Hamburger

"Jon is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army and stationed in Oklahoma. One of DM's first crew members, he helped with the creation of many early projects that were not good and were never released. Thanks to Oklahoma sucking enough to justify a regular six-hour drive back to Austin, he has finally been able to participate in more recent videos."
-Door Monster Site


Jon is one of the oldest Door Monster Crew members, having played roles near the creation of the channel and has helped Kyle with a lot of other projects. However, due to his status in the Army, he hasn't been able to act often, making him have a much less regular appearance in sketches. Jon regularly streams horror games on the Door Monster Twitch Channel, starting at 10 Central Time on Fridays.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Jon Currie[edit]

Kerbals (Various)[edit]

Jon has played all the male kerbals in the Kerbal Space Program sketches, which has caused many to associate him more with KSP than anything else. This had led to many recurring jokes referencing this role. For example, the IKEA AI calls him a "kerbaly-Looking man" in Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale).

Jon plays the kerbals in about as accurate a portrayal as one can get: Forgetful, gullible, and just a bit dim. He has played the kerbals Jeb, Bob, Bill, and Frank.

Kerbal Space Program: First Flight
Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün
Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking
Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission
Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)
Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight

Appearance List[edit]