Jon (Character)

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Jon in A Fable III Experience, after getting reverted back
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Companion
First Appearance A Fable II Experience

Jon is the secondary protagonist of the Fable animation series. He is an awkward, scheming and negative blond man, who appears as Rodriguez ElCazorro's companion.


A Fable II Experience[edit]

In this animation, ElCazorro makes a new friend, and names him Slappy. Jon, however, secretly engages the two of them, forcing Rodriguez to kill Slappy.

Another Fable II Experience[edit]

In Another Fable II Experience, Jon and Cazorro visit a small town. There, him and the hero have a mild altercation, and Jon ends up shooting some windows while Rodriguez is distracted. When the police arrives, they ask Cazorro to pay for the damage, due to a strange new city policy. After all of this, Rodriguez temporarily removes Jon from the game.

A Fable II Experience: The Final Quest[edit]

In this video, Jon is first seen in an energy generating bike, paddling to power Rodriguez ElCazorro's introduction. When all of the criminals around the hero are dead, Rodriguez asks Jon for his next quest. The companion simply says that there are no more of them.

A Fable III Experience[edit]

When Rodriguez first summons Jon, he appears as a muscular and naked man, shouting with a thunderous and powerful voice. He claims that it is his true form, and says that he can now fight by Cazorro's side, though the latter declines his offer and reverts him back to his original form. Jon seems either bored or irritated throughout the rest of the video, helping Cazorro by getting items and managing his schedule.