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While Joey has been working with the cast for a while, he officially joined the crew relatively recently.

Extroverted Joey[edit]

Extroverted Joey
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Joey Basham
Occupation Actor; Streamer
First Appearance The Jefferey and Joey Show

Joey is commonly portrayed as an extroverted person, not acting too differently from his normal self.

List of Appearances[edit]

The Jefferey and Joey Show[edit]

In this video, Joey and Jefferey hack into the channel. During the "show" segments, presumably featuring Joey and Jefferey themselves, Basham acts in a very extroverted and enthusiastic manner. During the ad segments, Joey plays various different characters advertising fake products.

Enthusiastic Off-Brand Costume Model[edit]

In Enthusiastic Off-Brand Costume Model, Joey works as a costume model, wearing costumes and taking photos. He quickly angers his photographer, though, when he begins to only make weird poses. Basham ends up getting fired and later hired by a professional modelling company.

XCOM: Don't Panic[edit]

In XCOM: Don't Panic, Joey plays a hyperactive soldier who is obssessed with grenades. At the end of the sketch, Basham throws one and explodes almost his whole team.

Westworld: I Am Not a Robot[edit]

In Westworld: I Am Not a Robot, Joey and Ian visit Westworld, an Old West-themed park with robots. After "accidentally" "killing" Conn, Joey and others start to question who is a robot and who is a human in that place.

The Jefferey and Joey Show 2[edit]

A sequel to The Jefferey and Joey Show. The video mostly follows the same pattern from its original counterpart, except for the ending, in which Joey accidentally begins to speed up the video until it ends.

Badass Joey[edit]

Badass Joey
Joey in Hacker Fight
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Joey Basham
Occupation Agent; Hacker
First Appearance Hacker Fight

In some sketches, Joey acts in a badass manner, wearing sunglasses and being cool.


Hacker Fight[edit]

In Hacker Fight, Joey engages in a hacker battle with Kyle. After lots of different cliches and dramatic tension, Joey loses the fight and almost gets exploded.

Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale)[edit]

In Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale), Joey plays Agent Basham, the newest addition to the White Lightning Agency. After hacking into the IKEA Notebook, he and Jefferey fight the AI from inside in an attempt to save Agents Sullivan, Gelinas and De Ovando.