Jegor Smirnov (Character)

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Jegor Smirnov
Jegor Unpredictable.png
Jegor appearing in "UNPREDICTABLE"
Name Status Official Name
Actor Ian Conn
Occupation KGB Agent
First Appearance How About That Weather

Jegor is a character from the KGB series. He is an occasionally covert KGB agent with a red tie with a Soviet emblem on it. Ruthless and obedient, Jegor usually appears in tense and possibly combative scenarios. He is officially licensed to maim by the KGB. His name appears to be a reference to a very early video on the Door Monster channel, The Soviet Report. His name was officially confirmed on the sketch Papers, Please: Typographical Errors; where it was seen briefly on his passport.


How About That Weather[edit]

As confirmed by the video Door Monster Fan Trivia (100K Week), this is Jegor's earliest appearance. This video features Jegor undercover, repeatedly trying to get information about the US government out of Jefferey, and acting as if he is another patriotic American. At one point the agent is told via radio to take out Jefferey discreetly, and promptly tackles him into the pavement.

License to Maim[edit]

In this video Jegor is acting in league with another KGB agent, Yegor, played by Kyle Sullivan. It is revealed that Jegor does not want to wait in line at KGB HQ for a "License to Kill", and instead satisfied himself with a "License to Maim". This was given as the reason for his failure to kill a CIA agent ( played by Rachel Butcher). After some explanation, it is also revealed that Jegor had wanted to be a doctor, but his mother said he would seem to much like a poorly disguised henchman, and so he should become a real henchman instead. At the video's resolution, an online course for getting a "License to Kill" is mentioned, and it is suggested that (at least) Kyle's character would take it.

Papers, Please: Typographical Errors[edit]

In this video, Jegor is shown trying to gain entry into Arstotzka. Among other things, the spelling of his name is confirmed, and he gained his "License to Kill" after waiting at the KGB for nine hours. After repeated denial due to invalid papers, he was finally admitted into Arstotzka.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)[edit]

In this video, Jegor suddenly ambushes the Extortionist Hobo and LeBron, shooting with a rifle. The Hobo and the russian exchange shots, until LeBron runs away. Smirnov is next seen in the video montage, first appearing behind the team in the Fable 2 video, and then pointing his gun at Ethan in VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision.The communist also appears in the final fight, battling Ian (his real life counterpart) and Kyle.


In this video, a lone Jegor meets up with his enemy, an unnamed american action hero played by JP De Ovando. Always seemingly a few steps ahead of his American opponent, Jegor repeatedly refuses to shoot his enemy despite having ample time to do so. Other information about Jegor revealed here include that Jegor replaced all his agency's data with a video of JP's character singing in an attempt to prevent the data being stolen, and also that Jegor enjoys confetti. He appears to have either faked his death, or survived getting shot at point blank range. His agency's collapse is also mentioned in the epilogue, but whether this has anything to do with Jegor replacing all his agency's data with videos of his American rival singing a pop song is uncertain.

Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)[edit]

In Comical Road Trip, Jegor teams up with the Hobo to find LeBron and kill their real life counterparts, namely Ian and Kyle. They build an IKEA time machine and go back to sketches created during the third year, such as D&D: Free Speech and Rimworld: Crash Landing. After an intense chase, the Hobo and the russian enter Whitespace, a behind-the-series area for Door Monster. There, Kyle and Ian continue to pursue them, until Smirnov finally stops, turns around, and points his gun. It is assumed he got killed in an off-screen firefight, as two shots are heard and his enemies are still seen alive.