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Jefferey often appears as a normal citizen, being the classic comedic "straight man" while other characters, such as Extortionist Hobo, perform less ordinary actions.

Jefferey, but confused by things[edit]

Jefferey, but confused by things
Confused Jefferey.png
Name Status Official Name
Actor Jefferey Neely
Occupation State Courier; Buzzfeed Hirer
First Appearance How About That Weather

Jefferey's actor description on the Door Monster About page used to name one of Jefferey's characters as "Jefferey, but confused by things."


How About That Weather[edit]

In this video, Jefferey starts getting asked repeatedly probing questions about his role as a courier in the US government. Eventually, Ian Conn's character, tackles Jefferey into the pavement.

Car Movers[edit]

Jefferey in this video has his car moved, and comes back very confused as to where it is. He plays a minor role in this one, appearing on screen very little.

The Pokemon Plan[edit]

Here, Jefferey is shown to have collected ample amounts of pokemon cards, planning to use them to pay off a large debt he owes. It is later revealed that while Jefferey is mistaken, he does have Beanie babies that might be able to do such a thing.

Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now[edit]

Jefferey in this video explains to Kyle that the game Pokemon Go is viral, as well as the basic premise of the game. He later gets his account and/or phone stolen by Kyle, acting as a team rocket member.

Clickbait is Literally Hitler[edit]

Jefferey gets repeatedly yelled at by Kyle about the dangers of clickbait. Eventually it is revealed by Jefferey that he works at Buzzfeed.

Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Haver[edit]

In this video Jefferey is shown to have somehow acquired a Keyblade, and prefers it to having to carry around small sets of keys. Kyle disagrees that having to carry around a giant metal key is in no way more efficient than just a normal key-ring, and that the shadows that come after Jefferey make it even worse. Jefferey does not seem to mind at all.

Loading An Old Save[edit]

In Loading An Old Save, Jefferey decides to play a game that he hasn't played in six months. Unsurprisingly, he gets very confused by the controls and the mechanics, eventually having to ask for help from the protagonist's assistant.


Jefferey Neely (Bad Signs).png
LeBron in Bad Signs
Name Status Official Name
Actor Jefferey Neely
Occupation Milk Buyer
First Appearance Entendre, Entendre

Jefferey is also known as "LeBron", as mentioned on the Community Comments for False Charges. This character is closely related to the Extortionist Hobo.


Entendre, Entendre[edit]

In "Entendre, Entendre", LeBron gets surprised by the sudden appearance of a strange hobo in a marketplace parking lot. The Hobo tries to sell him increasingly stranger items, though LeBron just wants to take the milk he bought back home.

Bad Signs[edit]

In Bad Signs, LeBron encounters the Hobo again, who asks if he still has the milk he bought two years ago. LeBron gets confused by this, and begins to leave. When he sees that EH is trying to extort other people using intimidating and/or deceitful signs, though, LeBron backs up and attempts to convince him to stop.

False Charges[edit]

In False Charges, the Extortionist Hobo knocks on LeBron's door, pretending to be a police officer and asking for money. LeBron has a lengthy discussion with him, and eventually closes the door on him.

Houbeau Nouveau[edit]

After two years, the Hobo and LeBron cross paths again. This time, EH helps him defend himself against the "Framing Magician", a Extortionist Hobo lookalike. The two argue and make funny poses, until the Hobo exchanges one of his knives for the fake evidence and later the fake evidence with LeBron's milk. EH then runs away in excitement, while LeBron realizes that he stole his wallet.

Home Inversion[edit]

LeBron's house gets invaded by the Hobo, who at first offers some security services. As the conversation progresses, however, LeBron discovers that EH only wants to rob him. In the end, the ginger gives him the seven dollars he wants, prompting the Hobo to exclaim, "IT BEGINS!" and jump out of the window. After that, the Framing Magician appears behind LeBron, who questions what has happened to his life.