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Jefferey Neely
Photo jefferey.png
Jefferey Neely
Full Name Jefferey Neely
Role Undercover Professional Actor, Immortal
First Appearance Entendre, Entendre

"Jefferey is a regular actor in our projects and denies being good at it just as often. He plays a wide range of different characters in addition to one recurring role that we refer to as "Jefferey, but confused by things." He also got us our lighting kit at a completely unfair discount, which is why we kind of look like we know what we're doing most of the time."
-Door Monster Site


Jefferey Neely (LeBron)[edit]

Richie/The Arsonist[edit]

RPG Wizard[edit]

Jefferey has played a somewhat incompetent wizard in some RPG-related videos. He's usually bad at conversations and magic in general. His clothes come from a costume Jefferey used during a Renaissance fair.

Dialog Shrubs
Magic Mugging
Hacker Fight (Gif)

Appearance List[edit]