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JP has been in quite a few sketches, with various different personalities. In most of them, he appears as an oblivious or optimistic person, though there are exceptions.

Optimistic JP[edit]

Optimistic JP
Jp dasiBoard.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor JP De Ovando
Occupation Musician
First Appearance VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision/Dasi Board

JP is portrayed in some sketches as an oblivious and optimistic believer in esoteric and mystic items and products.


VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision[edit]

In VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision, JP is seen through the entire sketch playing with a VR Headset. Kyle remarks that he's completely oblivious to the outside world, though he does not hear him.

Dasi Board[edit]

In Dasi Board, JP buys an Ouija Board lookalike from IKEA, hoping to get some answers from the dead. He initially uses it to find out whether or not some girls liked him, though the situation quickly takes a turn for the worse, as it is revealed that he is actually talking with Jefferey's ghost. In the end of the sketch, JP gets shot by Kyle.

Unfortunate Cookies[edit]

In Unfortunate Cookies, JP is a firm believer in the positive consequences of reading fortune cookie fortunes. After demonstrating that they have concrete effects, and even that they are not always positive, JP and Kyle start opening various fortune cookies. Of note is that Kyle's fortune "an attractive person has a message for you" causes JP to insult Kyle, and that JP got one that told him his dreams will come true, which evidently means the next time he flies, he'll fall to his death and loose his pants. As reality begins to degrade, a cookie encouraging JP to control destiny fixes everything.

Frustrated JP[edit]

Frustrated JP
JP YouMissedIt.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor JP De Ovando
Occupation Musician
First Appearance Ghost Finders

The exception. These are the instances where JP is portrayed as a more cynical and inpatient person.


Ghost Finders[edit]

In Ghost Finders, a ghost hunter tries to film a documentary in what is presumed to be JP's house. The latter disproves the hunter's statements multiple times, getting increasingly more annoyed.

You Missed It[edit]

In You Missed It, JP gets constantly frustrated by the lack of interesting content during his telescope observations. Kyle, on the other hand, witnesses and sees several remarkable things.