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Ian Conn
Ian with a hat
Full Name Ian Conn
Role Writer, Actor, Acronym Generator
First Appearance Gary the Misanthrope

After spending many years studying language, Latin, and Greek classics at Baylor University, Ian now acts as a general advisor on Door Monster affairs, co-writes some of our scripts, and provides insightful and humorous commentary to both things that need it and things that don't. He also frequently plays whatever role hasn't been cast yet.


Ian Conn has been working with Door Monster for a while, playing a variety of roles. He has a strong background as a writer, and is often happy to share his thoughts on classic literature and myths. One of his most impressive contributions to Door Monster that applied these skills was the script to A Bat By Any Other Man, where he was able to create accurate Shakespeare-era dialogue.

Ian and Rachel are currently engaged.


Although present in many sketches, Ian has a variety of recurring and minor roles.

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