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IKEA Running Gag.png
Time Machine Manual from Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2
Type Concept
Related Series N/A
First Instance Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2

IKEA is a conceptual running gag. It consists of crediting the creation of paradoxical and absurd contraptions to the swedish furniture retailer IKEA.

List of Instances[edit]

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2[edit]

In Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2, Kyle builds a time machine to prevent a paradox. After some discussion, he reveals that he got it from IKEA.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)[edit]

The IKEA time machine from SFI 2 reappears in this video. It later becomes a watch due to "cartoon logic".

DIY AI[edit]

In DIY AI, Kyle brings home an Artificial Intelligence installed within a notebook. When asked for how did he build it, Sullivan responds that he bought a kit from IKEA. Ian, outraged, comments that that's not even pretending to be furniture.

90's Nostalgia[edit]

In 90's Nostalgia, Kyle tries to hide the IKEA time machine from Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2 from Ian by putting it in the attic. This backfires, however, as it begins to leak the 90's. The two then attempt to fix the problem by throwing something from the present into it.

Assassin's Creed: Animüs[edit]

In AC: Animüs, Kyle tries to visit his ancestors' memories by using IKEA technology. When the trip doesn't go as planned, however, Kyle curses IKEA, saying that one day, he will stop falling for their affordable novelty furniture.

Dasi Board[edit]

In Dasi Board, JP enters Kyle's kitchen with an Ouija Board lookalike, called "Dasi Board". JP explains that it's the IKEA edition, which upsets Kyle, who laments the fact that he went to IKEA without him. Sullivan also asks for when did they start selling ritual implements, to which the musician sarcastically replies by saying, "probably when they started selling time travel machines and artificial intelligence kits."

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3[edit]

In Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3, Kyle uses a Tardis from IKEA to travel back in time and fix all the damage he's done, his method being killing previous versions of himself. Rachel assisted in the construction of the IKEA Tardis, and thus was allowed to tag along with him on his adventures.

Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)[edit]

In Comical Road Trip, Jegor and the Extortionist Hobo build a time machine together. From some manuals laying beside the mechanism, it is presumed that it came from IKEA. The Hobo claims that he received only the parts A through G, sending a "strongly worded complaint" in response. After being asked about it, EH explains that this complaint was a dead bird.