How to Make Comedy Sketches

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How to Make Comedy Sketches
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Date Released February 2, 2015
Length 0:40
Game N/A

How to Make Comedy Sketches is a short, meta sketch. In it, Kyle and Jon exchange ideas for a quick video.

Description: "Had to pull out a short substitute for this week - hopefully it's still enjoyable. The next two videos will make up for it, promise!"


Actor Character
Jon Currie Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Jon watching a strange video on his computer. Suddenly, Kyle enters the room, declaring that they have no video for that week and asking for quick ideas. Currie mentions video games, topical themes and meta videos, to which Kyle approves. The man continues talking, however, and proceeds to just say buzz words. Kyle points it out, making Jon stop and comment that they only need an ending.

Sullivan proposes to have one person pull out a gun and shoot the other in the head. Jon, seemingly skeptical, asks if they haven't done that one already. A montage of previous videos featuring "shots to the head" is shown, finally concluding with Kyle denying Jon's statement. With this, Currie declares that the idea is perfect, and gets promptly shot in the head by Kyle.

The sketch ends.