How About That Weather

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How About That Weather
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Date Released December 29, 2014
Length 2:18
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How About That Weather is a sketch starring Ian and Jefferey and is part of the KGB series. In it, Jegor tries to blend in as an American, talking about patriotism and barbecues. This video marks the introduction of the Russian agent.

Description: "Nothing unusual here, just a regular, casual conversation between American comrades. Go freedom!"


Actor Character
Ian Conn Jegor Smirnov
Jefferey Neely American/Himself?


Jefferey steps out of his car. Looking behind the vehicle's door, the American quickly gets surprised by the sudden appearance of Jegor, who "casually" greets him and tries to strike a conversation by talking about the weather. Jefferey comments that it has been pretty awful, and Jegor adds that it is way better than the freezing cold of the "homeland". Neely tries to ask for where does Jegor come from, though the Russian is quick to ignore him and change the topic.

The conversation shifts to sports, with Smirnov trying to talk about a team whose name he doesn't even know. Jefferey asks if they got to state league, to which Jegor simply answers that he has no idea and uses the "hook" to change the topic to government.

The Russian asks if Jefferey works in the government, in "those black buildings filled with capitalists". Neely explains that he's a courier, and Smirnov, in an attempt to be friendly, says that he carries vital American secrets and offers a high-five in celebration of freedom. The American awkwardly accepts the high-five, commenting that he just delivers envelopes.

The conversation briefly shifts to the matter of traffic (during which Jegor laments the fact that the city noises interrupts his acts of patriotism and barbecues) before finally arriving at "nuclear launch codes" and the president's itinerary. Jefferey becomes increasingly more confused and asks for what he is doing, and the Russian responds that he's just making casual conversation.

The American finally realizes what is going on and asks if he's the guy that just moved from Russia. Jegor gets caught off-guard by this and accidentally speaks with a heavy Russian accent. Neely decides to leave, ruining Jegor's plan. Smirnov then contacts HQ using his watch and asks for instructions. The higher-ups order him to take Jefferey out discreetly.

Right after hearing this, Jegor gets up and yells "What about that pavement?!" before finally tackling Neely to the ground. The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The "freezing homeland" is a reference to Russia.