Houbeau Nouveau

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Houbeau Nouveau
Houbeau Nouveau Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Gf20oEbMY
Date Released March 5, 2018
Length 3:33
Game N/A

Houbeau Nouveau is a Extortionist Hobo sketch. In it, the Framing Magician, a Hobo lookalike, deceives LeBron into framing himself.

Description: "So this guy's walking home from the store when OH MY GOD A GUY WITH A- wait, that's not him."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Jefferey Neely LeBron
Thomas Devery Framing Magician


The video begins with LeBron walking through a park, carrying two bags of milk in both of his hands. Suddenly, a man wearing a grey top hat and a fake beard greets him, much to LeBron's panic. After examining the man more carefully, though, the ginger realizes that it's not actually the Hobo, but someone that looks like him. The "bearded" man claims that he's a street magician, and begins to perform a number. He asks LeBron to take a photo of the surrounding area, turn a doorknob three to five times, and finally makes him write his name in a piece of paper. After LeBron does all of this, the Magician shows him a random card, and asks if it's his. LeBron responds that it is not, and the Magician leaves just as quickly as he entered.

LeBron, confused, asks himself for why does he keep talking to people with fake beards. The Extortionist Hobo suddenly appears beside him, saying that they are attractive and mysterious, and then proceeds to point to the Magician, ordering him to stop. The two exchange glances in a dramatic way, then begin a pose battle. LeBron, meanwhile, tries to leave.

The Hobo impedes him, however, saying that he can't take care of himself for more than 20 minutes. The ginger, outraged, says that he hasn't seen him for over two years, and the Magician completes by saying that dibs expire after one year and a half. The Hobo contests the clone's claim, arguing that he gets more time due to time travel. The Magician gets impatient, and begins to leave, saying that he has some evidence that needs planting.

EH scolds LeBron for falling to the Magician's trap, while the lookalike reveals that he was framing LeBron for robbery. The ginger gets extremely upset, and orders the framer to not rob any houses. When the magician responds that he can guarentee he won't do it for the period matching the police response time, LeBron realizes that he has already robbed a house. The two discuss for a bit, until the Hobo finally decides to trade his knife for the evidence. The Framing Magician immediately agrees, running away, while EH comments that it was the one made of gallium.

LeBron hesitantly thanks the Hobo, and offers to trade his milk for the evidence. The Hobo enters an euphoric state and quickly takes the milk, also running away. As he watches the "bearded" man disappear, LeBron comments to himself that he will probably regret that. The sketch ends with him realizing that his wallet is gone.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The video actually shows the moment when the Hobo steals LeBron's wallet - it happens at 2:08.