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Home Inversion
Home Inversion Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqH8hk83sjo
Date Released January 14, 2019
Length 4:08
Game N/A

Home Inversion is an Extortionist Hobo sketch. In it, the Hobo invades LeBron's house in an attempt to "sell him security services".

Description: "So this guy's coming home when OH MY GOD WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING??"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Jefferey Neely LeBron
Thomas Devery Framing Magician


The video begins with LeBron entering his house, drinking some (blue) milk and finding the Hobo inside his home. The vagabond immediately tells LeBron that his house is vulnerable to robberies, while the straightman yells in surprise and asks for why is he there. The Extortionist, excited, declares that he has "the deal of his lifetime", though the ginger simply responds by saying that he will never buy something from him. EH ignores this, however, and continues with his attempt by reading from an apparent employee handbook about some security services.

After hearing this, LeBron realizes that the Hobo probably got a job, and actually feels a bit proud of him. With this, he agrees to buy something from him on the condition that the vagabond will have to leave his life forever. EH interrupts him and thanks him, moving on to some personal questions. These queries quickly begin to sound suspicious, with the Hobo proposing being LeBron's roommate, asking for periods when the house is empty and unattended and locations where valuable items can be found.

LeBron catches on after a while and questions the nature of these inquiries, to which the Hobo feigns reading from his handbook by saying that they are made to custom-tailor security solutions. With that, LeBron snags the handbook out of EH's hand, discovering that it was simply a chinese restaurant menu. He then goes on to ask whether or not the vagabond even has a job, and the Hobo's response is simply that he has "a preferred method of acquiring income", that is, robbery.

The ginger then snaps, delivering a rant and ordering EH to tell him what he wants. The Hobo simply answers that he needs seven dollars, much to LeBron's exasperation, who now questions if he never got seven dollars in the seven-year period between that day and the day when he first asked for that money. Even when LeBron points out that he stole his wallet, EH explains that he only found gum and a gift card.

Defeated, the straightman gives seven dollars to the Hobo, who exclaims excited that "IT BEGINS" and jumps out of the window. Immediately after that, the Framing Magician appears from a corridor and greets LeBron, calling him "roomie". With a definite exasperated expression, the ginger questions what has happened to his life.

The sketch ends.