Holiday Stress

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Holiday Stress
Holiday Stress Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released December 18, 2010
Length 2:22
Game N/A

Holiday Stress is an animation that revolves around a snowman office manager and a water cooler.

Description: "Two office snowmen have a casual chat by the water cooler."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Snowman Boss, Snowman Employees


The animation begins with a carrot and two pieces of coal getting dropped inside a water cooler. An office manager takes a sip from his cup of water beside the object, shortly before he is greeted by one of his employees, Ryan. After a quick exchange, the latter notices the three objects inside the cooler, and asks for what they are.

The manager casually responds that it's "Frank", and explains that he was having some "obedience issues". The worker awkwardly laughs, at first thinking that it is a joke, since there is no way an actual snowman can fit inside a water cooler. The boss confirms that it is indeed impossible to fit Frank in there, relieving Ryan for a bit, before further explaining that it is just his head - the rest of his body is behind the CEO's car.

After hearing all of this, Ryan concludes that he needs to call the cops. The manager tries to calm him down by saying that it is almost Christmas, but it doesn't work. The boss then pulls a hairdryer out of nowhere and points it at his employee, threatening him. Ryan is then the one in the position of trying to placate the other, saying that he's under a lot of "Holiday Stress". The conversation eventually lands into a point where the boss says that they need a moment to breathe.

The video then cuts to a few moments later, in which Ryan's eyes and nose can also be seen inside the water cooler. The manager, who is still there, is greeted by Phil, another employee. As how it happened before, the two have a quick, casual talk before the latter notices the now four pieces of coal inside the cooler. After expressing his confusion, the boss simply says, "Oh Phil, I wish you hadn't said that."

The animation ends.