Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4)

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Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4)
Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4) Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41aHUpZLFa4
Date Released November 12, 2018
Length 2:18
Game Spider-Man 2018

Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4) is a Marvel sketch. In it, Spiderman does useless stuff while MJ sneaks around criminals.

Description: "Spider-Man is just trying to do some honest superhero work, but he keeps getting interrupted by all this crime."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Spiderman
Allison Devery MJ
Joey Basham Guard and Civilian


The video begins with Spiderman taking a photo of the Empire State. After he snaps it, MJ calls him, asking for help due to being inside a warehouse with armed guards. The hero, however, claims that he's busy doing "something really important", before realizing what MJ is doing. Jane explains that she's trying to figure out what they are up to, but Spiderman retorts that they shoot things, like her, and that she should get out of there. That same situation already happened before, and Spiderman had to always narrowly save her.

MJ insists on him helping her and questions what he's doing. Parker, meanwhile, is catching birds, taking photos and carrying bags, and tells her that she wouldn't understand his activities. The two then enter a discussion about whether or not Mary Jane needs superpowers to help him, and ends with her asking him on how many crimes did he ignore. Peter just says that, for some reason, the goons can't accomplish anything until he shows up, and MJ loses her patience, calling him "umbelievable" and questioning why did he order her to not get involved while he's just goofing off. Spiderman answers that it's because he can goof off and stop crime in the same time that it takes for her to walk across one room.

MJ, decidedly angry, stands up and tases down one of the guards, saying that she can handle it. Spiderman, meanwhile, sits down shirtless, takes a slice of pizza on one hand and a newspaper on the other and claims that he will get to her in a few minutes. He gets surprised, however, at a picture of MJ in the aforementioned newspaper, who calls her "Spider-Who".

The sketch ends.