Happy Apocalypse 2012

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Happy Apocalypse 2012
Happy Apocalypse 2012 Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW9ianNPRkY
Date Released December 21, 2012
Length 1:14
Game N/A

Happy Apocalypse 2012 is a short sketch that satirizes the "2012 End of the World" crisis.

Description: "Holiday greetings, from my fear bunker to yours!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Kyle in a dark room, commenting that the current date is December 21st: the day that the world is supposed to end. Sullivan wonders on what should he do, and tries playing the piano to pass the time. He fails, however, and decides to just sit besides his bed. While contemplating on his current situation, Kyle realizes that he shouldn't have remade Yoda's Christmas that year.

The animator is then seen outside, holding a sign that asks aliens to come take him with them. Nobody shows up, though, so Sullivan drops his sheet of paper to reveal another one, this time warning any incoming zombies that his neighbor next door is fatter.

After doing this, he returns home. Kyle ultimately chooses to just "wait it out", and takes water, food, and a shotgun with him to his bedroom. The sketch ends with him eating some snacks, while the message "Happy Apocalypse from White Lightning HQ" appears besides him.


  • Yoda's Christmas is one of Kyle's early animations.