Half-Measure Binging

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Half-Measure Binging
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Half-Measure Binging Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L65ej0skuvw
Date Released May 2, 2016
Length 2:44
Game N/A

Half-Measure Binging is a sketch satirizing the act of binge-watching TV shows.

Description: "Ethan has been watching too much Daredevil."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself
JP De Ovando "Terrible Person"


The video begins with Ethan drinking water, wearing a black leather jacket. Kyle wakes up besides him, confused, tied up to a small table.

Kyle tries to ask what is happening, while Ethan calmly sits down on the couch and turns on Netflix. Sullivan then attempts to grab Ethan's attention by calling his name and tells him that he can just pause and walk away. Nothing of that works, however, and Kyle ends up resorting to tilting the table and angrily ordering Ethan to untie him.

Gelinas cuts Kyle mid-sentence, asking, with a gruff voice, if he truly could "walk away". Sullivan starts by responding that he could, because of the pause button, but he quickly realizes that Ethan is quoting the Punisher. Gelinas continues by saying that he needs to watch those shows, otherwise he can't talk about them - people are always afraid of being spoiled. Kyle tries to argue that he watches things at a reasonable pace, and asks if Ethan thinks what he does is better.

Gelinas simply responds, "what I do, I just do. It's out of necessity." Kyle inquires on how is that necessary, and Ethan answers that he doesn't get to pick the things he's obssessed with. Some more conversation follows and Sullivan ends up accusing Ethan of not knowing how to prioritize his time.

Ethan gets up from the couch and sits in front of Kyle, staring at him. He claims that Kyle is a man that can't finish the job, a coward. He adds by saying that he's just one bad day from being him.

Kyle starts to ramble about how he falls asleep after a couple of hours and can't really get the point of binge-watching, when suddenly Ethan appears holding a guy with one hand and a nerf gun with the other. Sullivan gets outraged by this, but quickly notices that there's also a toy gun taped to his hand.

Ethan reveals that the man looked up spoilers for Daredevil before he finished the first season and talked about the finale without adding a spoiler warning on Reddit. He threatens Kyle by saying that he has to shoot the man otherwise Ethan himself will do it.

Kyle nonchalantly pulls the trigger and hits him with the nerf dart. Right after that, he just asks for Ethan to get the stuff off him.

The sketch ends.