Half-Life (Series)

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The Thumbnail to Half-Life: HEV Suit
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0u5ZHidq4X4VUoz2mFLN2nme--o8miUY
Status Inactive
Length 3 videos
Game Half-Life Series

Half-Life is a series based on a series of games by the same name. The sketches typically include a scene from the game, played out and expanding upon to a humourous end. It is assumed all 3 take place in the same universe.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Gordon Freeman

Video list[edit]

Half-Life: HEV Suit[edit]

In this first sketch, Gordan Freeman debates the logic of having no helmet on the HEV suit with a scientist. When headcrabs appear, he is frustrated by such an obvious oversight in design.

Half-Life 2: Have a Medkit[edit]

Many NPC's feel a need to constantly give medkits to Gordan ingame, despite being in good health already. Have a Medkit makes fun of this, as well as the fact that medics seem to have no clue on how to use medkits other than to give them to Gordan.

HL2: Taking a Breather[edit]

Gordan stops fighting to simply rest for a while this time due to a fear of ladders. He argues with Alyx about the dangers of ladders and ends up stuck on one.