Half-Life: HEV Suit

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Half-Life: HEV Suit
YT HEVSuit.jpg
Half-Life: HEV Suit Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=981BU3u5imU
Date Released June 8, 2015
Length 2:42
Game Half-Life

Half-Life: HEV Suit is a sketch that plays around the fact that the HEV Suit from the Half-Life series doesn't have a helmet.

Description: "Gordon is not impressed with Black Mesa's safety procedures."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Gordon Freeman
Ethan Gelinas Scientist


Gordon and a scientist enter the room with the HEV Suit. The scientist orders Freeman to "power up" and report to the lab as soon as he's ready. Gordon looks worried, however, asking if the rest of the suit is stored separately. The scientist responds that the entire suit is there in front of them.

Freeman then simply asks where's the helmet, for which the scientist answers that it doesn't have one, and that he doesn't need to worry. Gordon disagrees, saying that it is "90% safe at most". The scientist tries to argue that it is entirely safe, but Gordon elaborates, listing the potential dangers he might find and telling the scientist that they have two things in common: potential lawsuits and how much he wants to keep then away from his head.

After some more discussion, Gordon asks why a suit of armor especifically designed to allow someone to live in an otherwise hazardous environment protects every part of the body except the one that came up with that idea. He also adds that if he rode a motorcycle using that suit, he would be breaking the law in 20 US states.

The doctor gets angry and explains that Black Mesa is the number one research facility in the country, and they know how to use safety equipment. Freeman hesitantly agrees, indignant.

The video then cuts to a few hours later, after the Resonance Cascade. The scientist comes across Gordon Freeman, the latter calling the former "Greg". Freeman shoots a headcrab and shows it to the scientist, asking him to the name the creature. After some beating around the bush, the doctor ends up calling it "a headcrab".

Gordon ironically asks why, and the scientist says that it attacks the head. The sketch ends with Freeman throwing the corpse at the scientist, screaming "because it attacks your freaking head!"


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 0:55. He's hiding underneath the right stairs.


  • According to the video's description, Jon and Ian worked with production and camera in this sketch.