Hacker Fight

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Hacker Fight
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Hacker Fight Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTwCtQIEswM
Date Released September 5, 2016
Length 2:44
Game N/A

Hacker Fight is a sketch that parodies and satirizes hacker movie tropes.

Description: "Kyle and Joey try to out-hack each other using movie cliches."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Joey Basham Himself
Elli Basham Herself


The sketch begins with Elli calling Joey over to her computer because something is wrong with their website. Joey sees that Kyle has, apparently not for the first time, vandalized the site by editing the text and inserting the GIF of Jefferey dancing in his wizard outfit. Joey decides to retaliate by hacking Kyle in return. Elli points out that he doesn't know how to hack, but Joey counters that he does because he's seen movies.

At Kyle's apartment, Ethan notices and informs Kyle of Joey's counter-hacking, who realizes that Joey has seen movies. He quickly jumps onto the computer and begins to counter Joey's hacking. Both attempt to type as quickly and forcefully as possible, with Joey trying to utilize all of his muscles to type. Elli remarks that it looks pretty dumb, and Joey agrees: He needs to be wearing sunglasses.

Following this, both hackers attempt to one-up each other with new movie cliches: Kyle realizes that Joey now has sunglasses and tells Ethan to get him a pair, as well as a black trenchcoat. With Kyle's hacking assault thus empowered, Joey adopts the codename "Enigma". In turn, Kyle tells Ethan to get him more monitors. Joey in response has Elli get him more keyboards to type on, as well as his laptop. Kyle uses a vague hacking metaphor, Joey fires back with a computer pun. Kyle vows that "this n00b is about to get pwnd". Joey switches to an unreasonable complicated user interface, causing Kyle to resort to his final option.

Dramatically typing a few keys and pressing "Enter" as hard as he can, Kyle sends a skull GIF to Joey's computer. Joey and Elli dive out of the way as their computer explodes into a fireball. Victorious, Ethan asks Kyle why he hacked Joey's website in the first place. Kyle replies that he didn't, Joey just forgot to log out, and sends one last insulting message through the still-open web editor.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • "Outdated leet speak" refers to Leet, an informal alphabet used online that has fallen out of style since the early-mid 2000s.
  • A "byte" is a unit of digital information.


  • Both Joey and Kyle use Hacker Typer, a website that generates random "code" whenever as the user types randomly on their keyboard, allowing them to emulate the rapid-fire and usually nonsensical typing patterns of movie hackers.