HL2: Taking a Breather

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HL2: Taking a Breather
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HL2: Taking a Breather Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uBmbDQlBqg
Date Released February 8, 2016
Length 3:36
Game N/A

HL2: Taking a Breather is a Half-Life sketch. In it, Gordon Freeman stops due to his refusal to ladder-climbing.

Description: "Even Gordon Freeman has a limit."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Gordon Freeman
Marina Alighieri Alyx Vance


The voice of a Combine soldier, then five gunshots. The video begins with the trooper falling to the ground, with Alyx Vance in front of him, armed with a pistol.

The resistance member begins to run again, moving through an abandoned city. Suddenly, another soldier appears in front of her, but this time, a crowbar kills it. Gordon is soon revealed to be the killer, and Vance greets him, asking for where he's been. The ex-scientist says he was under the last level of hell, armed with a shotgun and some saws, and accompanied by a garden gnome. The latter, however, didn't make it.

Vance states that they should get moving again, claiming that, if they can get through the roof, there's an airboat behind the canal. Gordon looks at the ladder that takes them to the roof, however, and says that he will take a breather. Alyx sarcastically asks if he wants to rest in the middle of a Combine city, to which Freeman responds by saying that he's tired of having to fend off apocalypses, and that they have been almost killed by numerous methods several times for so long that there are no longer calendars to count it on. The resistance member concedes, and they take a rest.

After sitting down, Alyx begins to talk again, saying that he missed almost 20 years of the apocalypse. The armored man says he's Gordon Freeman, though Vance counters that he can't use that as a reason for everything. The ex-scientist then inquires if they can't use another route, though gets interrupted by a headcrab, whom he repeatedly shoots. Vance, in response to that, asks if "Gordon Freeman" is afraid of ladders, to which Freeman hesitantly confirms.

The two have a quick banter on the danger of ladders, ending with Gordon claiming that they are a deathtrap. Soon, a Combine soldier appears on the roof, though quickly tries to drop down using the ladder and falls to his death. Alyx claims that that proved nothing, and the two begin to talk again, now simultaneously and over each other. While Freeman rants about how the "man with the briefcase" didn't mention ladders covered with butter, Alyx vociferates about how she has to do the same things Gordon does despite not having a powersuit. After both are done talking, Vance pauses and asks for who is the "man with the briefcase". Freeman, in response, says he never mentioned him.

Some hours later, the ex-scientist finally decides to try to climb the ladder. He reassures himself by saying that he's humanity's last hope, that he defeated the "giant space baby", and that he does not need a helmet. He then begins to count numbers, but forgets which one comes after two. Vance, frustrated, requests him to get out of the ladder so that she can try to climb it, though Freeman realizes he's stuck.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Gordon missed 20 years of the apocalypse because of his time with G-Man.
  • The overall joke of the video is in regards to how ladders work poorly in GoldSrc, the engine used for the first Half-Life.
  • Gordon's inability to count to three references the long-standing joke of how Valve games never get to a sequel with the number three.