Graphic Violence

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Graphic Violence
Graphic Violence Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released June 24, 2018
Length 4:44
Game N/A

Graphic Violence is about the nature of how supervillains get such good videos and features a consultation of one such supervillain attempting to have one made by a consultant.

Description: "An evil doctor needs to show off his master plan, but didn't budget for graphic design."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Artist
Dom Fera Dr. Destroy the World
Allison Devery Secret Agent


The sketch begins with The Artist working on his computer when maniacal laughter is heard and all 3 monitors appear with the Doctor on the screen. The Artist is confused why he appeared there, to which the Doctor gloats about having taken over his entire building. The Artist however is unconcerned, and only confused as they were to have a video call in a short time anyway. It seems the Doctor only wanted a dramatic entrance. At exasperation in finding out his name is Dr. Destroy the World, The Artist asks why he had such a name. The Doctor explained the limited choice due to many being taken. We find he wishes for a big presentation to announce the master plan he's spent 20 years on. Unsurprisingly the plan is to destroy the whole with robots, and plans to launch in 2 days. He had to make a lot of work and choices leading up to it, including whether or not to take out Canada too.

The Artist gets to work describing a package that would really provide all he needs, with a 30-60 second presentation and availability for 3D or hologram. His idea for the presentation involves a volcano with robot ships flying out. They get up and start causing mass destruction. He also requests a countdown so anyone watching knows the time left to live. The Artist is confused about why he would put that into his plan but ends up letting it go. The Artist brings it to a finish by explaining the lowest package fitting that would be $3000-$5000. Unfortunately, he spent all his money on robots, so cannot afford it.

The Doctor suggests he can give him a job for his minions when they become better, but The Artist points out that by taking over the world, it'd be useless to him. Then he suggests paying the majority of the money after he takes over the world, with interest. Again, The Artist points out that they have no assurance he will be successful with so many superheroes around. The Doctor emphasises that with 500 robots, it's going to happen, but The Artist notices that even if all those superheroes fail and he succeeds, The Artist will be killed. The Doctor dismisses it saying they can avoid the problem, and asks where he lives, which is Toronto. As this is in Canada, The Doctor states that he'll just leave Canada. The Artist says they also don't work for exposure, leaving the Doctor stuck, finally asking what $50 will get him.

You then see a laptop with the finished product, consisting of 2 images repeating and dramatic music. The Secret Agent watching it is certain it will not be a problem.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • In movies, supervillains often enter by hacking monitors.
  • Doctor Destroy the World's name makes fun of ridiculous villain names like Doctor Doom.
  • Canada is considered in many places the nicest country.
  • In movies, such presentations often have countdowns for seemingly no reason.
  • The sketch makes fun of movies with good presentations by villains who would normally not be able to afford it.
  • The robots look like those in the movie The Incredibles.