Gordon Freeman (Character)

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Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2: Have a Medkit
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Theoretical Physicist (former); Resistance Leader
First Appearance Half-Life: HEV Suit

Gordon Freeman is the main character of the popular first-person videogames series Half-Life. While he's a speechless character in the original games, his Door Monster counterpart is sarcastic, dry and quick-witted.

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Half-Life: HEV Suit[edit]

In Half-Life: HEV Suit, Gordan Freeman debates the logic of having no helmet on the HEV suit with a scientist. When headcrabs appear, he is frustrated by such an obvious oversight in design.

Half-Life 2: Have a Medkit[edit]

In Half-Life 2: Have a Medkit, Gordon finds himself to be almost adored as a god by his fellow resistance members, receiving all of the medical care while others suffer terrible wounds. Due to this, he tries to explain that he shouldn't always be prioritized.

HL2: Taking a Breather[edit]

In HL2: Taking a Breather, Freeman is confronted by a ladder in his path. Due to his time in Black Mesa, the legendary hero hesitates in climbing it, debating with Alyx Vance about their dangers.