Gmod: The True Murderer

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Gmod: The True Murderer
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Gmod: The True Murderer Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released January 19, 2015
Length 2:20
Game Garry's Mod: Murder

Gmod: The True Murderer is a G-Mod sketch. In it, some players start to question the true nature of the Murderer.

Description: "If the murderer hasn't murdered anyone... is he really a murderer?"


Actor Character
Shannon Mack Gunner
Ian Conn Murderer/Bystander #0
Kyle Sullivan Bystander #1
Nicole Dault Bystander #2
Ethan Gelinas Bystander #3 (Murdered)


A scream is heard. The Gunner (played by Shannon Mack) and 4 other players enter the room, with the former shooting one of the bystanders (#3, played by Ethan). She laments the fact that he wasn't the Murderer, and Bystander #0 (played by Ian) affirms that all the players are in the room, so one of them must be the murderer.

Bystander #2 (played by Nicole Dault) asks for how will they tell who it is, and Bystander #1 (played by Kyle) answers that it will the one that has murdered somebody. Bystander #0 agrees, and everyone points to the gunner.

The Gunner says that she has the gun, but #1 counters that she used it to murder someone. She then tries to explain that she thought that he was the murderer, and #0 intervenes, rethorically asking, "if the murderer hasn't killed anyone, is he really a murderer?"

Bystander #1 argues that he has a really big knife, though #2 points out that he could just be trying to sell it to them. #1 agrees, and adds that he might even be trying to cook something, like a cow or a person. The Gunner explains that the Murderer is the Murderer because his objective is to kill unarmed people: "if you don't kill him, he'll kill you."

Bystander #2 suddenly screams "Help!" by accident. Bystander #1 goes back on-topic and says that the Murderer is the one that's actually being hunted, since if he takes too much time to kill everyone, the game eventually points out who he is and he gets murderer by the one with the gun.

An over-the-top surprise sound is played, and #2 asks if they'll kill the Gunner. The Gunner, outraged, points her gun to everyone else and claims that she'll shoot anyone that comes near her. Bystander #0 stops the drama, however, and says that the game is getting into their heads and manipulating them. He delivers an inspiring speech about how everyone has secret labels and how, in the end, everyone becomes murderers.

All the players in the room get inspired by #0's speech, and take a moment to think. A smoke cloud starts to appear around #0, however, revealing that he's actually the Murderer. #2 screams "It's him!" and the Gunner shoots him. Everyone starts to happily celebrate by jumping and shooting at the ceiling.

The sketch ends.

(There's a post-outro scene in this video: #1 and #3 spawn in a room, and #1 starts to ask something. #3 suddenly shoots him in the head.)