Ghost Finders

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Ghost Finders
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Date Released August 17, 2015
Length 3:58
Game N/A

Ghost Finders is a sketch satirizing paranormal investigating shows.

Description: "Investigating paranormal energies and debunking bunked things!"


Actor Character
Matt Locke Ghost Finder
JP De Ovando Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video opens with an intro of a paranormal investigation show. The detective, played by Matt Locke, tells the audience that he's investigating the death of a boy who was murdered 12 years ago by a rake. JP, who's sitting in a table behind him, looks at the investigator and says that there was no murder, the boy simply tripped and fell onto the rake. The ghost finder ignores him, however, and continues by rhetorically asking if the rake was possessed by another spirit.

The detective then shows his equipment and claims that his readings with his tools are conclusive evidence that the house was built on top of a native american burial site. JP tries to cast doubt onto the detective's claims, but the investigator simply justifies his findings by saying that they are "negative energies". He then walks off-camera, telling the audience that he's going to communicate with some ghosts.

A transition occurs and the investigator returns with one of his "paranormal equipment". He starts to ask the "ghost" how did he die, and then suddenly, the detective makes a surprised face, asking to the audience if they "heard that". The video then replays the "sound", though it is just static. The investigator concludes that indeed it is a case of "etheral native american rake murder". JP asks if he can do that somewhere else, and the ghost finder responds that he can't, since the house is haunted. Ovando then states that "every house he goes to is haunted". The investigator agrees.

Another transition occurs, and the video cuts to both the investigator and JP in the kitchen. The detective starts to ask JP about the "murder", but Ovando simply responds with another question: if the show was somehow a "denial thing". The investigator hesitates and then gives JP two choices: believe that his house is haunted by a boy murdered by a rake or deny the holocaust. JP decides to not answer.

A transition occurs once more. This time, the ghost finder is talking to the audience, saying that since the moment he entered the house, he's getting strange headaches. JP sarcastically adds by saying that he's also getting them. The investigator then claims that he set up night vision cameras in the house to try to find "ectoplasmic activities", and shows his findings to the public. A small white dot is seen hovering above the stairs, and the detective explains that he debunked them as dust particles or "explainable artifacts".

JP cuts him off, asking how he does it. The ghost finder, surprised, simply responds by saying that he just stated it. JP gets outraged and says that it doesn't work that way, but the detective counters that he has "very sensitive scientific equipment" that's very good at detecting "ectoplasmic energies". JP asks for him to not use the word "energy" anymore, and the investigator then says "magnetism". Ovando states that it is even worse.

Suddenly, Kyle appears in the room, asking JP why is he yelling. It is revealed, then, that the "ghost finder" is actually the ghost that died. The video ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The entire video subtly hints at the reveal at the end. The lines "every house you go to is haunted" and "is this a denial thing?" are examples of this.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, in the intro. He's in the dark window of the house, barely visible.