Getting Buffed (Gamer Prepares for a Big Battle)

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Getting Buffed (Gamer Prepares for a Big Battle)
Getting Buffed (Gamer Prepares for a Big Battle) Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released April 1, 2019
Length 3:22
Game Games in General

Getting Buffed (Gamer Prepares for a Big Battle) is a sketch about consumable items, player buffs and the anticipation before a boss fight.

Description: "A video game protagonist uses every item he has in preparation for the big boss battle."


Actor Character
Joey Basham Player Character
Kyle Sullivan Boss


The sketch begins with the player hiding behind a tree, preparing for an upcoming boss battle by using multiple consumable items and other buffs. This sequence is quite long, taking up the majority of the sketch and containing multiple references to many games.

After getting buffed, the hero runs towards the boss. Before he can attack, however, two black bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen, signaling a cutscene. The player cautiously asks if they're going to fight after it, but the boss simply ignores him, gives a speech, and disappears. Exasperated, the hero kills himself in order to reload his previous save file.

The sketch ends.



  • Jon and Allison are both credited for throwing props.