Gary the Misanthrope

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Gary the Misanthrope
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Date Released June 13, 2011
Length 4:07
Game N/A

Gary the Misanthrope, starring Kyle, is a sketch that follows the titular misanthropist in his attempts to ruin the lives of everyone he encounters.

Description: "We've all encountered a Gary at some point...
This is by far our favorite live-action short. This of course means that it is also the least viewed by everyone else."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Gary
Reid Sullivan Guy With Broom
Ian Conn Photographer, Guy Building Card House
Jon Currie Guy With Coke
Ricky Linn Guy With Balloon
JP De Ovando Gary Clone
Jamie Larkins Guy Posing
David Valenzia Cashier
Josh O'Rourke Volleyball Player 1
Rachel Rhyne Volleyball Player 2
Logan Fromthepark [sic] Guy On Merry-Go-Round


An eternally grimacing Gary watches an adorable cat video on YouTube. Unperturbed, he proceeds to click the dislike button below it. Some time later, he pushes a shopping cart behind a car in a parking lot. He returns only to nudge the cart even closer to the car. The view shifts to Reid sweeping clutter from a sidewalk in front of his home while Gary stands nearby armed with a leaf blower. The moment Reid has swept everything into a neat pile, Gary scatters it with the leaf blower. In a local park, two guys are taking a photo. However, Gary strolls in front of the camera and ruins the shot. After completing a modest house of cards, Ian looks to his side only to find that Gary has made a taller one. Gary then topples his own creation.

Gary is later found at a library, pulling books off of the shelves and replacing them at random. Next, he leaves an unpleasant surprise for the mailman by dropping a handful of dirt in a mailbox. He then enters a store. When the clerk behind the counter notices him, Gary offers him a grimace before grabbing a handful of coins from the take a penny, leave a penny cup on the counter and leaving. Jon Currie is then seen responsibly throwing away an empty can of soda as he walks by a trash can. Standing nearby, Gary cannot stand this display. He takes the can out of the garbage and tosses it to the ground. A couple is later prevented from making use of a volleyball court by Gary, who has built a sand castle in front of the net. As he continues through the park, he stops a merry-go-round, much to the occupant's disappointment.

Gary finds a tree bearing only a single green leaf, and plucks it from the branch. Later, Ricky happily holds a bright yellow balloon on a sidewalk. Gary of course cannot stand this, and proceeds to shoot the balloon with a handgun. He then returns to the park and sits down at a picnic table where JP is reading. JP gives him a nod and a smile in greeting, but Gary's misanthropy is too powerful. Within moments, JP is reduced to the same permanent grimace. The newly minted misanthrope gets up and stomps off, presumably to wreak his own havoc, and Gary is left alone.


  • This marks Ian, Ricky and JP's first full appearances in a sketch.
  • The video's score was made by JP.