Garrett Meyer (Character)

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Garrett Meyer
Actor Kevin Machate
Occupation CEO of Meyer Security
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Garrett Meyer is the main antagonist from The Guards Themselves, as well as one of the five oligarchs that rule the city. He is an intelligent, arrogant and scheming man, always mistreating his employees and underestimating his enemies. He is the CEO of Meyer Security.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Meyer is first seen in the oligarch meeting at the beginning of the episode, explaining to the other oligarchs the meaning behind his actions in regards to the police. When questioned on why is he after the Anarchists all of a sudden, Meyer responds that he doesn't want to wait before they become a threat. His claims are quickly supported by the Anarchists' sudden intrusion at the "Queen & Lord" Bank.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

Meyer is featured in the "Everything is Fine! - There's nothing to worry about" show, talking about his involvement in the raid at the Anarchist Base and declaring that he will lend some of his agents to the police force.

The CEO later visits his new prison, talking to his assistant about the raid. When word comes to him that there are still four anarchists left, however, Meyer becomes furious and demands the imprisionment of them.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

Meyer is visited by Artemis later in the evening, talking to him about his recent purchases of Cossling's shares and his upcoming interrogation with one of the captured anarchists. Noam, disguised as an IT Employee, is also inside the elevator in which both oligarchs are present, and Meyer quickly greets the anarchist, umbeknowst of his actual identity.

In that night, Garrett Meyer interrogates Shawn, his former employee and now captured anarchist. While the CEO tries to act aggressive and short-tempered, Shawn keeps being calm and indifferent throughout the whole process. Lincoln and Richie witness this, and run away when caught by Meyer and his guards.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

Meyer is first seen in the episode talking to the press, requesting for the Crimefighters to step down. Next, he talks to his guards, belittling them for not being able to capture the anarchists while inside their own base and declaring that he will replace half of them by the next day.

Meyer then receives a call from MasterFusion, who invites him for a negotiation. Garrett agrees, and heads there later that day, carrying a gun. When he gets there with his guards, Big Fist and Messier both request him to leave his guards behind. He complies with the second anarchist, and enters the room to talk to Noam.

The anarchist threatens him to release his teammates, otherwise he will blow up his building. Meyer calls out his bluff, however, and states that blowing it up would only make him a national terrorist. The CEO then pushes the button himself, blowing up his own building, and calmly talks down to Noam and the rest of his team, declaring that they are not a threat anymore. He then goes on to reveal his entire plan, while Lincoln, who was sitting by his side, records everything. Meyer discovers this a second too late, and gets knocked out. The CEO even tries to shoot the anarchist, but misses.

MasterFusion later sends this recording to the rest of the oligarchs, and Meyer is imprisioned.



Meyer looks down upon Jenny and often pretends he doesn't remember who she is as she is not actually an Oligarch, but attends the meetings in place of Mrs. Lord. Jenny is the first to criticize the fact that Meyer bought out the police. She is one of the people who had Meyer arrested after watching the recording sent by Noam.

Sylvia Crowe[edit]

Sylvia makes fun of Meyer by stating that he doesn't have any friends and asks how much he bribed the chief of police. She is one of the Oligarchs who had Meyer arrested after watching the recording sent by Noam.

Tedd Gunn[edit]

Tedd is one of the Oligarchs who had Meyer arrested after watching the recording sent by Noam.

Artemis Cossling[edit]

Meyer believes Artemis to be self-entitled and his company is the one Meyer targets first as part of his plan. He has offered Artemis his personal home security services dozens of times, but he continues to refuse as he is "perfectly capable of taking care of himself." He tells Artemis to not pretend to know who Jenny is, despite doing it himself. Artemis later questions Meyer on his sudden interest in his company. Artemis is one of the Oligarchs who has Meyer arrested after watching the recording sent by Noam.


Meyer paid her and the other Crimefighters as a way to get the public to like him more. He then asks all the Crimefighters to stand down as they'll only get in the way.

Paul/Mr. Justice[edit]

Meyer paid him and the other Crimefighters as a way to get the public to like him more. He then asks all the Crimefighters to stand down as they'll only get in the way.


Meyer first encounters Noam while he is disguised as an IT Employee in the elevator. He eventually gets a call from Noam and is given a meeting point and is asked to come alone to discuss a deal. When he arrives he is threatened by Noam, but he calls his bluff. He then blows up his own building as a way to frame the Anarchists and get them out of his hair. He is outsmarted by Noam, though, as the whole meeting was recorded.

Richie/The Arsonist[edit]

Meyer spots Richie and Lincoln snooping on his interrogation with Shawn.


Meyer spots Lincoln recording him on his phone with Richie during his interrogation with Shawn. He is also recorded by Lincoln during his talk with Noam and doesn't notice until too late. He attempts to shoot Lincoln with his gun, but misses as Lincoln tripped down a hill.

Scott/Big Fist[edit]

Scott attempts to intimidate Meyer into leaving his guards for his meeting with Noam, but fails.


Messier is able to intimidate Meyer into leaving his guards behind for his meeting with Noam. He is then knocked out by him at the end of the meeting.


  • When MasterFusion calls Meyer, the CEO calls the anarchist "Thomas". This is the fake name Noam used while under the guise of "IT Employee".