Frog (Running Gag)

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Type Visual
Related Series N/A
First Instance Don't Starve Together: Killer Frog

The frog running gag is used in various different videos which seemingly are unrelated. After the first instance, it is often used as a surprise at the end of a video.

List of Instances[edit]

Don't Starve Together: Killer Frog[edit]

In Don't Starve Together: Killer Frog, Kyle is chased by a frog back to camp. The frog is an unsuspecting enemy, seemingly small and harmless, but in fact incredibly dangerous. The frog is shown menacing the characters throughout the episode, and later kills both Ethan Gelinas and Jefferey Neely

Kyle Plays Magic[edit]

In Kyle Plays Magic, Kyle at one point uses a card to turn all Ethans monsters into frogs. When Ethan finds out he is recording this, he places down a frog again and a frog, this time blue, appears in the room just before the video ends.

Skits, Shorts, and Subs[edit]

In Skits, Shorts, and Subs, Kyle is explaining how a video is made. At the end, he suggests that to top off the video, you should add a punchline you have already used twice. Ethan is confused before it cuts to the frog for a second before ending.