Fold It Like A Hamburger

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Fold It Like A Hamburger
Fold it hamburguer.jpg
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Date Released June 23, 2010
Length 0:30
Game N/A

Fold It Like A Hamburger is a short sketch about origami.

Description: "A punny origami lesson."


Actor Character
Jon Currie Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


Jon is teaching Kyle how to do origami. He tells him that he needs to fold his sheet of paper horizontally, "hamburguer-style". Jon folds his sheet, and then looks at Kyle, who made a literal hamburguer-shaped origami with his paper. Jon, annoyed, ironically calls Kyle's creation "wonderful", and proceeds to leave the room.

The sketch ends.


  • This is the shortest sketch of the channel.
  • Some users have reported getting lag and glitches watching this video. Using Internet Explorer seems to help.
  • There are a few hidden jokes in the closed captions