First Christmas

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First Christmas
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Date Released November 24, 2014
Length 2:11
Game N/A

First Christmas is a sketch about Thanksgiving and how people treat it as the beginning of Christmas.

Description: "The War on Christmas is definitely a thing, but what everyone seems to leave out is that Christmas totally started it."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself


A doorbell rings. Kyle goes to open the door, revealing Ian on the other side. The latter exclaims "Merry first Christmas!", much to the confusion of the former. Sullivan checks his clock, still disoriented, and confirms that it is not Christmas yet - it is Thanksgiving. Ian responds by saying that it is actually First Christmas; the Christmas Kyle is speaking of is Second Christmas.

Kyle affirms that the holiday happens just once a year, in December, though Ian explains that it used to be that way, because now, "everything is Christmas". Sullivan, in an act of rage, slaps Ian with great force and yells that it is actually Thanksgiving, a day when they celebrate spanish people crashing their ships in the wrong place and tie strings to Snoopy, dragging him through New York.

Ian tries to argue that the popular opinion is against him, however Kyle quickly dispels this by saying that the one claiming that is just Ian, and he's not popular. A Christmas hat then appears onto Kyle's head, who, in a complete state of surprise, throws the item to the ground. Conn creepily asks him to embrace the Christmas, smiling. Kyle ignores him and asks for how did that happen, to which Ian explains that eventually, every holiday will become Christmas.

Some more discussion occurs, reaching a point where Kyle claims that they will just eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving. The plate that was in his hand, however, is shown to be supporting Christmas cookies. Sullivan becomes desperate and throws the candy off the plate, losing his mind. Ian tries to console him by giving a gift, though Kyle throws it to the ground too and smashes it with his foot.

Completely outraged, Sullivan then leaves the house. After walking for a bit, the young man starts to throw a temper tantrum in an act of madness before finally deciding to return. When he comes back, however, a Christmas tree is displayed in the middle of his room, while Ian is decorated with Christmas lights and is singing a Christmas song.

The sketch ends.