Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy

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Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy
Final Fantasy Looking Edgy.jpg
Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released August 7, 2017
Length 2:46
Game Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy is a sketch that satirizes JPRG tropes and styles.

Description: "A new Texas law about knife size makes it legal to openly carry swords. Obviously, we all know what happens next."


Actor Character
Allison Devery Videogame Girl
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Kyle folding some pants, when suddenly, he hears strange sounds coming from one of the closets. Before he can inspect it further, however, Allison appears at the doorframe carrying a sword and asking if they have any more of them.

Initially shocked by this, Kyle queries on why is she holding a weapon. Allison answers that there's a new law in Texas that permits citizens to carry swords around, though Sullivan becomes skeptical and claims she probably misread something. Devery shows him something on her phone, however, and Kyle is quickly convinced otherwise.

The argument then moves on to how Allison shouldn't walk around with swords just because she can. Allison, however, says that, if she doesn't keep up with the trends, she'll just become some loser that only walks around with guns. Sullivan becomes shocked again, and Devery has an idea, quickly entering the closet. After some more banter, Allison then opens the closet's door wearing an edgy, black jacket and holding a gunblade. Kyle states that his assessment of the situation was way off, while Allison ignores him and asks if Walmart sells Phoenix Down. Sullivan responds that the world is not turning into Final Fantasy, and claims that that is not the direction society is going.

Suddenly, a Chocobo appears behind Allison, much to Kyle's ever-increasing surprise. Allison tries to convince him to let her keep it, as she spent a lot of time levelling up to get it, though Kyle says that that means she did numerous bad things repeatedly. Devery challenges him for combat, however, and a JRPG-esque transition occurs.

First, Allison slowly attacks with her sword, though Kyle easily dodges. He then responds the attack with a finger flick, moving on to the edgelord's turn again. Allison takes her time to drink some kind of juice, however Kyle ignores the turn-based system, taking her bottle and slapping her. They have one final argument before Sullivan finally is able to take Devery's sword and make her leave. The sound from the beginning of the video happens again, and the sketch ends with Kyle asking if there's an ostrich in the closet.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The "ostrich sound" probably comes from the Chocobo.
  • Kyle's comment about "doing bad things repeatedly" is a reference to how, in most JRPGs, levelling up happens by accumulating XP points. They, in turn, are awarded after battles.